Baby Room

At last our baby room is ready. After painting the room last week, Praveen and Chinnari took upon themselves to put up some wallpaper in the baby room. Sticking wallpaper is not at all an easy task. When we bought the wallpaper we thought all we had to do was stick it on the wall like how we would stick any stickers. We had absolutely no idea what we were getting into. The wallpaper is like a stamp, it had to be soaked in water for 10 second and then it should be held out of the water for three to five minutes till all the excess water drips out and then we should stick it on the wall before it dries up. The tough part was taking this wet paper and carefully sticking it in a straight line around the wall. We cannot cut it in pieces because then we would loose the continuity. Poor Praveen and Chinnari, they had quite a hard time sticking the wallpaper. I wasn’t of much help to them in this whole ordeal (besides holding the paper in place once in a while). My only contribution was having lunch ready for the two of them by the time they were done with their task. On Sunday, Praveen stuck fluorescent stickers of the moon, stars and other celestial bodies on the ceiling of the baby’s room. Uncle (Praveen’s Dad) had bought these stickers for us when we went to India in February. The room looks so beautiful now. In the day it looks so nice and bright with the yellow walls and teddy bear wallpaper and at night it looks so heavenly with the fluorescent stickers shinning. Our friend Sher and his wife Vipula came over yesterday to spend some time with us. They were the first people to see the baby room and they loved it very much. Now that the room is ready we can’t wait for our baby to come enjoy it.

At last a name for our baby

Well looks like Praveen and I were able to come to an understanding about what we would call our baby. Its funny how so many people including Aunty (Praveen’s mom) and some of my friends are rooting for the name Chirutha. Anyway it is not one of the names we finalized for the baby, but I have a strong feeling that no matter what we name the kid, Chirutha might end up being his/her pet name (both family and friends seem to think it will be a fun name to call the kid).

As for the official names, after a lot of vetoes followed by debates we narrowed down the list to two names, one for a boy and one for a girl. We decided that if it’s a boy we will call him Akhil which means Complete / World and if it’s a girl we will call her Ruchi which means Beauty / Taste. We wanted simple five letter names for our kid and we are so glad we could find something we both could agree on. Frankly speaking I wasn’t too keen on Ruchi at first especially since I thought the meaning of the name was not very special (Taste). I wanted a name that had a beautiful meaning, something that would suit a girl. But on doing some research I found out that in Sanskrit Ruchi actually means Beauty (among other things like luster, splendor, light, pleasure). After finding that out, I have absolutely no problem with the name anymore. I think it will be a perfect name for a girl. As for Akhil, that was the first name we thought of for a boy, and after going through a huge list of names for boys we just could not find another name that we liked better than Akhil.

Now we have to see if we will feel like this about these two names or if there are other names out there that we might fall in love with in the next six weeks before our baby arrives.

50 more days

Looks like its 50 more days to go for my due date. We seem to be more ready for the baby with each passing day. Atlast Praveen got around to painting the baby’s room. We went to Home Depot on Thursday (after my doctor’s appointment) and picked out a color for our baby’s room. Since we have to stick to neutral colors we chose Winnie the Pooh Yellow (Disney collection of Behr Paints) for the room. We think it will go well with the bedding we bought for the baby (green and white plaid with brown teddy bears). We also bought some matching wall paper to stick in the middle of the wall across the room. Praveen and Chinari stuck painter’s tape around the windows, doors, floor and ceiling on Friday night. On Saturday Praveen painted the room. It looks so cute now. It’s a wonderful color, bright and full of life. Now we need to buy some good curtains to go with the bed and the walls. As of this week we are pretty much done with all the shopping for the baby. Now all that is left is a few more visits to the doctor’s office and then the arrival of the baby.

Talking of visits to the doctor, we went to the hospital to get my Vitamin B12 shot today. My nurse, Melissa Herbert was very sweet. She did not want to give me the shot before looking at my results. So she called my Ob-Gyn for my blood test results. She was very surprised that my doctor had sent me to get the B12 shots. She said according to my blood results I wasn’t anemic and my B12 levels were slightly low, but nothing to be alarmed about. She had to call my doctor again to discuss the situation. In the end she left the choice to us. She said I could get the shot if I wanted to but it was not necessary. For our satisfaction we decided to go ahead and get the shots. In the end it turned out to be one very long appointment for just one shot, which was over in a few seconds. We also discussed the possibility of having the Leesburg-Sterling Family Practice as the hospital for our baby. It wouldn’t be a bad idea, since they are our primary care physicians and its right next to the hospital where we are going to have our baby.

Eshitha’s Birthday

Eshitha turned 5 today. I can’t believe that its already been 5 years. I was in India for her birth. That was the first time I saw someone go through labor and give birth. When I saw my sister going through all that pain, I thought to myself, if given a choice I will definitely adopt kids. I remember being really freaked out. Never did I think that one day I will be able to sum up the courage to go through pregnancy myself. Suja was quite strong, inspite of all the pain she was going through she was just whispering “mummy, mummy” very silently. It was quite an exciting day for the rest of us. I had bought a camcorder to record Eshitha’s entrance into the world. We all stayed at the hospital till Eshitha was born. I realized then why it was worth going through all that pain. The end result was simply fantastic. Eshitha was so adorable from the day she was born. We stayed for a little while longer to play with the baby and then we had to leave so Suja and the baby could get some rest.

Five years later she is all grown up now, going to school and also helping her mom in taking care of her sister. It’s so wonderful to hear her voice on the telephone. I called to wish her. When the phone rang Eshitha picked up the phone and I said “Happy Birthday Sweetheart” and she replied “Happy Birthday Saila Pinni”. Funny that even now she says that. Ever since she was three everytime I wished her a happy birthday she always replied back with a “Happy Birthday Saila pinni”. After talking to her for a couple of minutes Praveen took the phone to wish her, but she is so shy when it comes to Praveen. After listening to his wish, she gave the phone to her mom saying “Mummy its Praveen Babai”. I guess it will take her some more time to get over the shyness. I heard that she is like that even with Murali (Sari’s husband) and Madhu (Suja’s brother-in-law). Suja said that she talks about Praveen all the time, but for some reason she will not talk to him. I called her again in the evening but she was very busy enjoying her party so I hung up and told Suja I will call back on Saturday.

33rd Week

This has been quite a week for us. I got my blood test results on Wednesday. I was told that the results came out fine with the exception that I was a little low on Vitamin B12 and I have to get a B12 shot. I was a little worried at first because I did not know what that meant and if the baby was alright. I had to call a family practice doctor and make an appointment for the B12 shots. I will be going on Monday to get the shots. In the meantime I tried to call my doctor to talk to her about it but the office was closed. So instead I went on the web and did some research. I found out that it is quite common for pregnant women to have depleted amounts of B12 in the later part of the pregnancy (especially if they are vegetarians). Later in the evening I called my sister to talk to her. She said that it’s not a big deal as long as I get the shots. She also asked if I was taking B12 supplements. I told her that I thought it was part of my prenatal vitamins composition. I checked and saw that PrimaCareOne (the prenatal vitamin I was taking) did not have Vitamin B12 in it. I wasn’t really happy about it. Anyway since my sister said it was fine I decided I will not worry myself about it that much, atleast until I see my doctor on Friday.

On Thursday we had to get a follow-up ultrasound to see how the baby is progressing. Our baby was hiding its face with its arms and legs. The nurse tried to get a good shot of the baby to give us a picture. But the baby would not cooperate. We could not get a good profile of the baby this time either. The nurse said that the baby was in a breach position and she said I hope it turns around in the next couple of weeks. The doctor came in to check the ultrasound results and he said that everything looked fine, and there is nothing to worry about. He said that the baby is growing great and that it currently weighs around 4.9 pounds. He said that by the time I am full term the baby might weigh approximately 8 pounds. That is quite scary to think off. That would be heavier than either Sanvi, Abhi or Snigdha (all were around 7 lbs). Eshitha was a very small baby, she weighed around 5.5 lbs when she was born. I was hoping for a 6 pound baby.

We had our regular doctor’s appointment today. Atlast I put on 2lbs in the last two weeks. My current weight is 147 pounds and the baby’s heart beat is 150 bpm. After all the routine tests the doctor said that I was coming along nicely. I asked her about the Vitamin B12 deficiency and she said just get the shots and you will be fine. She said that the results showed that I was slightly low but not at a dangerous level. I asked her if I should be taking supplements as well. She said my prenatal vitamins should contain vitamin B12. I told her that PrimaCareOne does not have B12 and she found that hard to believe. But after checking she asked me to start taking the B12 supplements after one week after I get the shot (just to be on the safe side). I told her about the baby being in the breach position and she said that I will need to get another ultrasound in the 36th or 37th week to see if the baby has turned and if it hasn’t then they might have to schedule a C-section. It’s funny how things work out. First I wanted to have a natural birth, but later I chickened out and decided I will go for an epidural and right now it looks like C-section might end up being my only option.

Money Money

According to

“After six months of fundraising, the candidates for president in 2008 have already raised more than $265 million. No presidential money chase has ever started so quickly. By some predictions, the eventual nominees will need to raise $500 million apiece to compete–a record sum.”

Why are these Industries giving millions and millions of dollars to the presidential candidates ?

On NPR yesterday, the host was talking about how these candidates spend the money for their campaigns. Apparently they hire consultants to do small campaigning projects (some software projects too) for half a million dollars each ! Wouldn’t it be nice if we can grab one such project ? 🙂

Name for our Baby

Praveen and I have not yet decided on a name for our baby. We have been going through a lot of names but are unable to come up with a name we both like. I never knew choosing a name would be this difficult. Most of the names we like are already taken by our family and friends. But Praveen on his part has decided a pet name for the baby. Boy or girl he has decided he will call his kid ‘Chirutha’ after his favorite hero Chiru. I really hope he is saying this to pull my leg. If not all I can say is ‘God save my poor baby’.

32nd Week

Just entered my 32nd week of pregnancy. The fact that our due date is fast approaching has hit us. We had a doctor’s appointment last week and the doctor said that everything looks fine. The baby’s heart beat still measures 150 bpm. Our only concern is that I am growing big but my weight is exactly the same as it was 2 weeks ago. The doctor said it was nothing to worry about. The baby is growing as it should and that is all that matters. We have an appointment again on the 20th. Hopefully I will put on a couple of pounds by then. During our visit the doctor asked us which hospital we preferred and we told her that our insurance had asked us to go to the Loudoun Memorial Hospital (8 miles from our place). We were given a tour of the hospital during our prenatal classes last month, so it is our first choice too (just a familiar place). She said that is a good choice and then she told us that it is about time we picked a pediatrician for our baby. That is one major task we have to take care of in the next couple of weeks.

This week ended up being a week for shopping major items. We bought the baby’s crib last Saturday. It is a Simplicity Ellis 4 in 1 crib (cherry oak to match our furniture). It is so adorable. Praveen and I just love it. Now we have to buy the bedding for the crib. Hopefully we will have that taken care off by this weekend. We also bought a day bed for our main level. Though it was meant for my parents to relax during the day, right now I am enjoying it. Ever since we bought it, it has become my favorite place for a nice afternoon nap.

Other major proceeding of the week is that my parents were granted a US visitor visa on the 9th of July. Now that the visa is out of the way they are busy preparing for the big trip. Poor folks, they seem to be a little tensed, as this will be their first trip overseas (and a first flight trip for my Dad). It would be wonderful having them here. I wish Aunty and Uncle (Praveen’s parents) were also here for the birth of the baby.