37th Week – Deja Vu

This week’s appointment felt like it was our 34th week appointment all over again (except that the doctor had changed). During the 32nd week Ultrasound we were told that our baby was breeched. But during our 34th week regular ob-gyn appointment my doctor tried to feel the baby, and she felt that the baby might have turned. By this time I could already feel a hard bump on the top left side of my tummy. I showed that to the doctor and asked if that might be the head. She said it might be but she is not very convinced. So she asked me to get another ultrasound scan at the end of the 36th week. So we went to the radiology office and the scan showed that the baby was a complete breech and the baby’s head was indeed in the top left side of my tummy. We returned back with the results and with the doctor’s advice scheduled a C-section. We went back for a regular check up yesterday and this time another doctor felt my tummy for the baby’s position and she said that she felt the baby had turned. I showed her the hard bump on my top left of the tummy and asked if she was sure that wasn’t the head and she said it might be, but she is not very sure. So she asked me to get one more scan done before I go in for surgery, just to be sure that the baby hasn’t turned. Though I have a strong feeling that the baby is still breeched, I really hope the doctor is right. Because it would be really wonderful for the baby to come when it’s ready (sort of pick its own birthday) instead of us choosing a date for its arrival. Now we have to wait till Friday to see what fate has in store for us.

The rest of the check up went smoothly. The doctor said that everything else looked normal. The baby’s heartbeat is in the 140bpm range. As for my weight at last I reached 150 lbs this week.

Blasts in Hyderabad

Oh my GOD ! I can’t believe it. Lumbini Park is a must see place in Hyd for every tourist and Gokul Chat is a must go place for every one who loves Chat/Pani Poori/Bhel poori/etc.. I have been to both places before and I know how packed they are everyday. It’s really sad to see something like this happening. We saw the E-TV news during lunch and immediately called my Parents (who are in Hyd attending a marriage). Luckily all our relatives were at the wedding, which was at the same time as the blast occured.

While watching the E-TV news at 10 PM (this time they showed a lot of footage from the 2 places and also from hospitals), I realized how bad the emergency response teams and Hospitals are in India. They couldn’t even handle couple of hundred of injured people. The dead bodies were thrown on the floor – not even covered with any thing, blood all over the floor, parents and relatives of the injured running around to find their loved ones, police and emergency workers were handling the dead bodies so badly. They don’t even have stretchers to carry them. The worst of all was, all these stupid journalists are just trying to get their best shot to make their TV channels popular. People were complaining that there were no ambulances, and the govt. officials were saying it’s because of the traffic jam. What happened to those Helicopters ? Are they only for the CM and Ministers ? The CM was at the 2 places with in 1 hour – if the ambulances couldn’t reach there how did the bloody CM go there ?

The current death toll is ~40 but I am sure it would go up because no one have any freak’in idea where all the injured are. Apparently people moved the injured on autos/buses/cars/… what ever they could stop on the road to send the injured people to the hospitals. So the officials have no idea how many more are going to show up and how many of them are dead.

It’s really really sad and disappointing. Wish we could do something to improve the emergency services in India.

Yamagola Malli Modalaindi

Satish Anna’s first film as a producer is ready to release on Aug 23rd. It was great to see him on E-TV today talking about the movie. I tried to capture the video using my camcorder though it was not very clear it wasn’t that bad either – here it is – enjoy and wish him Good Luck.

Baby Shower

Praveen and my friend Aparna gave me a baby shower this Saturday. It was a small gathering of close friends and family. Rajesh Anna & Saila akka arrived on Friday with Bobby and Preeti. Saila akka had to go back to work on Saturday so they could not stay for the party. I was very happy they made the trip to see and wish us. That was really very sweet of them. Mom made Chicken and Shrimp on Friday. After having a hearty dinner, we (the kids) went to check out DC at night while mom and dad went to bed. Preeti wanted to see the white house. Unfortunately the lights were turned off and we couldn’t see anything but the flag. We drove by the Pentagon, Arlington cemetery and White House. We got down at the Washington Monument and the Capitol to take some pictures. We then drove to the Lincoln memorial. Here we got down the car and walked to the memorial. Praveen and I sat on the steps while Chinari, Bobby, Preeti, Rajesh Anna and Saila akka walked up to take pictures. We were surprised to see so many people (visitors) walking and taking pictures so late at night (it was nearly 1:00 in the morning). Later Praveen, Bobby, and Preeti went to check the Korean war memorial while we girls waited along with Rajesh anna. It was nearly 2 in the morning by the time we reached home. We all went straight to bed.

On Saturday poor mom had a lot of work. She made Vada for breakfast and then later made Sambhar (for the function and for lunch).After lunch Saila akka, Rajesh anna and Preeti left. Saila akka had to be at work by 7:00 p.m. They called later to tell us that they made it back in time for Saila akka to leave for work. After they left we relaxed for an hour while Praveen and Bobby went to pick up the cake and refreshments. We woke up at 4:00 and mom started making the Pulav and white rice. At six Praveen & Bobby went to get the food from the restaurant while the rest of us started getting ready for the party. Bharathi and Giri were the first to arrive. Bharathi and Mom helped me and Chinnari with our sarees. I wore the blue and green saree that Aunty & Uncle bought for me. I also wore Aunty’s locket on a green beads necklace and the bracelets sent by Aunty & Uncle. I also wore a lot of bangles that Suja had bought for me and I think they all went very well with each other. Chinnari wore a green saree her mom sent for her. She was looking very pretty in the saree. We had a great time in the party.

When I came down majority of the guests had arrived. Aparna had already taken care of the room decoration and it looked wonderful. The party started of with the traditional baby shower rituals followed in Andhra. After that Praveen and I cut the baby shower cake. Praveen bought the cake from Amphora. It was in the shape of a baby buggy and it looked adorable. The cake was very delicious. After that we had appetizers and then we played a bunch of baby shower games prepared by Aparna. We had a lot of fun playing the games. The games were followed by dinner and after that we just relaxed and talked. We also viewed the video which the guys had shot of the ceremony. It was past eleven by the time everyone left. We went to bed after cleaning up the place. On the whole it was a wonderful party and I had a great time.

Sunday was more relaxing. We ate the leftovers from the party and watched a movie. In the evening Praveen dropped Bobby at the station and Chinnari at her house. It is back to the four of us again.

36th Week

We went to the doctor on Friday for our 36th week appointment. The doctor said that the pregnancy was progressing very well and that I weighed 149 lbs. The only problem is that our baby is still breeched. We had an ultrasound on Thursday and the report showed that our baby was in a breech position. The doctor said that the baby was developing very well and that everything else looks good. The technician tried to give us a good shot of the babies profile but our little one just would not co-operate. Praveen is joking that our baby will be a stubborn one with a lot of attitude. Based on calculations the doctor told us that our baby currently weighs 6lbs10oz. Now that I am already in my 37th week, they don’t think that the baby will have enough room to turn. Our Ob-gyn said that we could choose any day between the 4th and 7th of September to schedule a C-section. She said that they will check again on that day to see if the baby has turned (if it turns then they might send us home and ask us to come back when I go into labor or they can induce labor if we like). She asked us if we would like to decide on the date then and there, but we told her that we needed some time to think about it and we will get back to her later. She asked us to give her a date by Monday. After talking to Praveen’s mom and the priest and based on the doctor on-call for the day we decided that the 5th would be the best day to bring the baby into the world. Our strongest reason for choosing the day was the fact that it is the same as Praveen’s mom’s birthday. As luck should have it, the doctor on call at the Loudoun hospital that day is the chief doctor (our highest preference). Now we have to wait and see if the doctor is available to perform the C-section for us that day. We can’t believe that the time is already here and in less than 3 weeks we will have a baby to play with.

We also had a meet and greet with a pediatrician who has an office next door to my ob-gyn. The doctor we met was a very sweet lady and we both liked her. The practice though small was clean and very friendly. I think we might finalize her as the doctor for our new born.

My Parents in US

Atlast my parents have set foot in the US. I have been trying to convince them to visit the US for a long time and it took the arrival of my baby to make the trip a reality. I was a little worried how they would make the trip all alone. I wouldn’t have been that worried if either of them was fluent in English. I was surprised that inspite of the fact that no assistance had arrived in Paris they were able to find their gate and catch their connecting flight. It’s so wonderful having them here. We are now catching up on things that happened in the past 9 years. It’s amazing that inspite of keeping in regular touch with your family how much you miss out on, when you don’t actually live with them. I hope they have a wonderful stay and don’t get bored too soon. One thing is definite, I now don’t have to worry about cooking for six months. It’s so nice to be able to relax and enjoy my moms home cooked meals.

Surprise Baby Shower from Praveen’s officemates

It all started yesterday when Praveen went to the doctor to get his nose checked. While he was at the doctor’s office someone from his office called home. I did not pick up the call the first time thinking it was someone from work trying to reach Praveen. But when the caller called again I took the call. It was Praveen’s colleague Radhika. I told her that Praveen was at the doctor’s office and she said she had called to talk to me. She started asking how I was doing, etc. and I asked her the same questions (she was 9 weeks pregnant with her second child). At the end of the conversation she confessed that she called to invite me to a surprise baby shower they were throwing for Praveen and me. Since I did not work for AOL, there was no way they could make it a surprise for me. She told me that she would pick me up today at around 3:45 p.m. She asked me not to reveal the surprise to Praveen. It was quite hard trying to survive the evening, especially since Praveen was a little upset with some of his teammates because they rescheduled an important meeting. I knew they had to reschedule it, since it clashed with the time the shower was planned. But I couldn’t tell him that.

Today Radhika came to pick me up as planned. She asked me if Praveen had any clue about the shower. I said no and she said I can’t wait to see the look on his face. When we arrived at AOL, the entire team was waiting for us. When we went in Praveen was already there. It looked like we were a little late but I could still see the look of surprise on his face. We had a wonderful time. All his colleagues were very nice and wished us all the best. Praveen and I cut the cake they bought for us. Owen, another of Praveen’s colleague started a pool, in which everyone had to guess the sex, weight and length of the baby. It was fun listening to the guesses each one made based on the shape and size of my tummy. Later we played a bunch of baby shower games prepared by Radhika. It was fun listening to the hilarious answers people had for a bunch of baby related questions. On the whole we had a wonderful time. We have to sit and write our thank you notes now.

it’s hot !

As some of you might have seen on TV or in other weather reports in US – it’s HOT in DC.

From Fox5DC.COM

The National Weather Service has put out another heat advisory for Wednesday between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. for D.C. and the Maryland and Virginia suburbs.

Temperatures are expected to hit 100 degrees, but it will be so humid again, the weather service says it will feel more like 105.

That means that that heat illnesses are possible, and people are reminded to drink lots of fluids and stay out of the sun if possible.

It’s 85 degrees at 11 in the night ! Man I miss Vizag – even if it’s hot during day, it cools down with sea breeze and you can relax on the beach road.

Baby Stuff

Sailaja has been asking me to upload pictures every day since long time – so finally today is the day 🙂

Here is a picture of our baby closet with all the new stuff we bought:
Baby Stuff