21st Day – Namakarnam

Ruchi had her Namakarnam Puja on the 25th. She looked so adorable in her pattu langa her grandparents bought for her. During the puja the priest told us that her star was actually Arudra and not Mrugasera. Ruchi slept through the entire puja and was up only at the end when we walked out. The poor girl was not happy to be in silk in the hot sun, she was very cranky until we changed her into something comfortable. The official party is going to be held on Saturday (for everyone’s convenience).


20 days with Ruchi

Wow time sure flies when you have a baby to take care off. I can’t believe that its been 20 days, since Ruchi was born. Now we just can’t imagine life without her. Never realized life would be so busy after her arrival. Our typical day starts off at 1 in the morning, when Ruchi wakes up to be fed. Which is always followed by a diaper change and then the task of putting her back to sleep. This is usually taken care of by either Praveen or me depending on who is feeling less sleepy. Then she wakes up promptly at 3:30 for her next feed. This is usually taken care of by Praveen if I already have a bottle of milk ready for her, if not I get up and feed her and then her dad changes her diaper and puts her to sleep. This session is the most painful because for some reason she likes to play at this time. After this she wakes up at sometime around 5:30-6:00 for her next meal. This time I take care of the feeding, diaper changing and then either putting her back to sleep or playing with her. At around 8:30 her grandmother gives her a good oil massage followed by a bath. And of course this is followed by one more feeding session and then she sleeps peacefully for a couple of hours. This gives me enough time to to brush and grab some breakfast. She is up and wants to be changed and fed. And then depending on her mood she either sleeps or plays. The only downside to playing is that she constantly needs me or her dad by her side when she is awake. This continues till evening when her grandma gives her another massage and sponge bath. This is followed by some more feeding and changing session with some napping in between, until her final feed at either 10 or 11. The best part of the day is when she is up and playing. Its so much fun watching her.

These past 20 days have really been something. With the exception of the long hospital stay, everything else was simply wonderful. Surprisingly I recovered quite fast from the surgery. Though I did not feel too great at the hospital, I recovered very fast once I came home. I don’t feel any pain and I feel like I can get up and down the stairs without any problem, though the doctor advised me to go easy on the stairs, to stay away from them for 4 more weeks. She advised me to use the stairs only once a day. So right now I am enjoying my time with Ruchi. I really feel very sorry for Praveen who has to leave Ruchi every morning to go to work. I know how much he misses her. She is also very attached to her dad. Whenever she sleeps with us on the bed she always turns towards her dad. He also loves to cuddle up next to her while sleeping. As for me, due to my surgery, I am still not very comfortable sleeping on my side. Its really wonderful to see Praveen being involved in every aspect of her life, bathing, cleaning, dressing, feeding, etc. As of now she sure is Daddy’s little girl.


back home finally

Sailaja and Ruchi were discharged today from the hospital. We came home at around 1 PM. Earlier in the morning, Ruchi was discharged after the Pediatrician assessed her. We were little worried that she might have Jaundice this morning when we saw her little face turn little (very little) yellow. The Pediatrician did the tests and told us that it’s just because of slight increase in bilirubin level (it’s at 11 it seems) and she said it’s common between 3 to 5 days when the baby’s liver is still developing. But anyway she said nothing to worry about. Just asked us to bring her for a routine check up again tomorrow morning at 10 to their clinic.

Sailaja is doing fine since morning and was feeding the baby well too since last night. She is still on Pain Killers but is planning to slowly reduce the dose. She went up the stairs without any problem and even ate Indian food after almost 4 days.

Anyway, it’s good to be back home. Now just need to make sure Sailaja recover faster. Of course can’t wait to start playing with Ruchi.


things settling down

Yesterday was good – Sailaja recovered from the severe Nausea and was able to eat/sleep/feed the baby fine. She even took a shower on her own. Things have been good so far today. Tomorrow Sailaja will be discharged after removing the staples from the incision. We have to take some kind of training (required by hospital) from the nurses about how to take care of the baby at home, etc.. – hopefully we will finish that today.

Ruchi has been doing find all along. Feeding, Pooping and Sleeping a lot as expected. I think she is getting used to me as I am taking care of her in the hospital. I guess once Sailaja starts taking care of her (after she recovers), she would get more attached to her.

Nothing more today, have to get back to hospital so I can talk with Sailaja’s doctor and take that class from the nurse. More tomorrow after we get back home.


Crocodile Festival…

well when people said “in front crocodile festival” I always assumed it had to do with the Baby. But never thought it would be so difficult for Sailaja. Now that the epidural is removed (since yesterday), she is on pain killers now. The only bad part of the pain killers is – they cause nausea if your stomach is empty – and today is the worst day for her. It was worse than the nausea (morning sickness) she had during her pregnancy. The nurse forgot to tell her to eat something at 4 AM today while giving the pain killer, and guess what, by 5 AM she started throwing up. Well you guessed it right with the stitches it’s no fun 🙁 I couldn’t see her bearing the pain each time she threw up (5/6 times I think). They had to give another medicine to control it – after that she was so tired that she couldn’t even feed the baby.

And last night for some reason (probably after effects of Epidural) she started having severe chills – and had to call the nurses (which took them 30 mins to come due to some other emergency in the hospital). They started trying to figure out what’s wrong, her body temp was fine, BP was fine. They heard the noises her tummy was making using stethoscope and said it’s because of the gas in her tummy (caused by the medicines she is taking apparently). They took her to the bathroom and let her have her bowel movement. Fortunately that helped her come back to normal.

Well anyway… she is doing fine now. She had a shower this morning, they even removed the bandage on the incision so it can heal faster. she had good sleep for couple of hours and woke up to have her lunch. After lunch she was feeling much better and no pain. She fed the baby and had fun playing with her for some time before the Nursery people took the baby for usual assessment.

Ok – now I need to take shower and get back to hospital. So more tomorrow.


go….. and gone/done too :-)

A hearty welcome to our new baby Ruchi Alavilli. The journey has been delightful and can’t be expressed in words. 🙂 We were very happy to see such a cute baby out with a lot of hair. I almost started jumping around happily in the operation theater as soon as I heard it’s a girl. Not that I was hoping it’s a girl for a long time (probably some day I will write my thoughts on why I wanted a girl) but while Sailaja was on the Operation table, to divert her attention from all the things happening in the room, I start a bet with her saying it’s a girl. She said not it’s a boy because she didn’t really had any morning sickness during pregnancy. Well then I said let bet on it and if I lose (if it’s a boy) I will change the diapers for the baby otherwise if I win, she would have to change the diapers. so I was soo happy that I don’t have to change the diapers – which obviously didn’t last long when I had to change the baby’s first diaper, then second, then third, then fourth…….. so far six :-(.

We really liked the nursing staff in the INOVA Loudoun Hospital – they were soo friendly and helpful, unlike the doctors who seem like always busy with something. Our doctor didn’t even spoke with us after the surgery was done – I was quite surprised. And then today another doctor from the same practice came by and tried to pull the tape on the incision even when Sailaja was shouting it hurts. We had to force her quit doing it and told her to come tomorrow to check the stitches after the Nurses remove it today gently. Oh well, apart from that Sailaja was able to get up and walk with Nurse support to the bath room after they removed the IV and anesthesia, which was good for her body to get back to normal.

Well that’s it for now – hopefully I will write more tomorrow afternoon (when I come home to eat and sleep).


get set …

I think we are almost ready – though we are a little bit scared .. I should say we are more excited to see the baby .. yes finally after the looooong 9 months of wait. On the other hand everyone at work are saying “In front crocodile festival” 🙂 so have to see how it goes. We have to be there by 8:30 AM in the morning. They will do the prep for 2 hours and at 10:30 our doctor would come and perform the surgery.

Anyway my instinct says it’s a “girl” – any bets anyone ?

On your marks !

yes we are in that phase now. Just finished packing bags with stuff we need to stay in hospital for 4 days for Sailaja, me and baby. Did last minute preps at home – like setting up diaper genie, mobile on the crib, batteries for the pack and play, bath mug for baby, washing all baby clothes with detergent that’s safe for babies, re-organizing the baby closet, etc. etc……..

Have been watching telugu movies a lot ever since we subscribed to the E-TV. Today we watched the old NTR’s YamaGola – it was so fun to watch NTR dancing and hitting his heroin left and right .. oops they are his dance steps. 🙂

Oh btw, songs from the new Krishna Vamsi’s film “Chandamama” are good. I liked couple of songs from them. Also heard songs from Sekhar Kammula’s “Happy Days” but didn’t really like them. May be they will sound better after watching the movie. Couple of songs from YamaGola Malli Modhalyndhi are very catchy.

Anyway, looks I will have a lot of fun for the next couple of weeks – I am taking 2 weeks of paternity leave (yes for fathers too) starting from Wednesday. Got lot of fun projects to do both work and non-work related. Have to see how much time I would be able to spend on them.

So for now, “On my marks”…….

The Count Down Has Begun

Well at last September is here. The month that will be our baby’s birth month. I can’t believe that we are within five days of the baby’s arrival date. Praveen and I are very excited and at the same time a little apprehensive. We are not sure if we have done all that we are supposed to do before the baby arrives. Anyway there isn’t much we can do now. We had our last ultrasound yesterday. The doctor confirmed that the baby is still breeched. It was exciting seeing the baby on the monitor one last time before it arrives. The doctor showed us the baby’s hair in the scan, she told us that the baby has quite some hair on its little head. The baby’s heart was beating at a good 153 bpm and its approximate weight is 7lbs14oz. We were told that the weight is +/- 19oz. We will have to wait till Wednesday to see if we are going to have a giant or a nymph.

Now that our C-section is inevitable We should get the ball rolling. Praveen and I have to repack our hospital stay bags to accommodate stuff for four days. We should also wash all the baby’s clothes and get the baby crib in the bedroom and the pack and play in the living ready. We should also try and sanitize the house (make it free from dust etc.) as much are possible. Thank goodness its the labor day weekend. Hopefully we will be able to accomplish most of the tasks.