Ruchi’s Achievements in the First 50 days

Well being parents for the first time we can’t help but brag about all her achievements, however minor they might be. We can’t believe that she is already 50 days old. Time sure flies once you have a baby. Now coming to her accomplishments

1. She can look us in the eye
2. She can hold our fingers and not let go (She’s been doing that since birth)
3. She can open and close her fists
4. She can recognize us
5. She follows us with her eyes for as long as she can see us
6. She can finish over 3oz of milk in one go (when she is really hungry)
7. Songs and stories hold her attention for a much longer time
8. She actually looks at the pictures when we read a book to her
9. She pays close attention to everything thats in the house, not just the plain white walls which she used to stare at before
10. She loves to look at the light and also the fan. We cannot even describe how happy she feels whenever she sees the fan turning
11. She went from being uncomfortable and cranky to actually loving her massage and bath time
12. She can lift her head when lying on her tummy
13. She can coo and laugh for hours, especially if someone is talking to her
14. She can play on her own
15. She can self-pacify herself (by using her thumb, fingers and sometimes her entire hand) – we are trying to stop her from doing this, but its her indication to us that she is hungry. If she is crying and it is not accompanied by her trying to suck her hand/fingers then it definitely means she either needs a diaper change or she just wants to be held.
16. She stopped using the pacifier that was introduced to her while she was in the hospital
17. She can sleep on her side for hours – and is very close to turning over to sleep on her belly.
18. If we are carrying her in such a way that her head is on our shoulder, now she can actually lift her head to check out who is carrying her. Its so wonderful when she does that and gives a smile
19. She tries to climb up when we put her on our tummy’s (she succeeds to quite an extent)
20. She loves car rides
21. She is happy to see her dolls in the crib and the teddy bears on the mobile turning around in the crib, and the teddy’s hanging in her pack ‘n’ play (she used to ignore them before and sometimes even cried when she saw the dolls)
22. Diaper changing is something she enjoys now, especially since the diaper changing pad is her favorite place to lie down (Changing her diaper when she is hungry is a whole different story)
23. She can sleep at a stretch for 4-5 hours at night (most nights but not all; she has her bad days too)
24. She can sleep in the crib on her own or in the bed next to us
25. And of course her biggest achievement is outgrowing her dresses regularly which could only mean a healthy height and weight gain.

I guess I better stop at 25. Check out 50 day old Ruchi in the picture below. This should give you an idea as to how much she’s grown.


Ruchi’s First Photo Shoot

Inspite of taking some awesome pictures of Ruchi at home, we decided we should get some pictures of her taken by a professional for keepsakes. So on the 21st of October, on her 47th day we went to Sears. We were a little apprehensive as to how she would feel in a new place, will she be awake or asleep, will she be calm or cranky, etc. Well turns out it was not the new environment that bothered her but the dress change between shoots. She was not at all happy every time we changed her outfit. We should have anticipated it, because she was not very pleased during the practice session we had at home, trying out her various outfits to see which ones fit her so we could decide on which dresses to take for the shoot. Thank goodness I carried some milk to feed her. That was the only thing that calmed her, but unfortunately she slept after drinking some milk. So in the end she was sleeping through the entire shoot. As always we were not very happy with all the pictures taken (I just hoped it would be better this time). But thankfully the family portrait came out quite good. She looked so cute in the ghagra-choli her dad bought for her from Bangalore. As for the rest we will have to wait for the prints to arrive to see how good or bad the pictures are. I really hope they come out good.


Ruchi’s Taste in Art

Ruchi either seems to have a fascination for bright colored wall hangings or for Lord Ganesha. We have a wall hanging of Lord Ganesha that Ruchi seems to love a lot. Whenever she looks at it she starts laughing. We also have a modern painting of some musical instruments that she seems to not like at all. We noticed that she cries every time she looks at that painting, but the moment we show her the wall hanging she starts laughing again. My mom realized this when she was playing with her yesterday. I saw her react like that to the painting and the wall hanging this morning. Looks like she is already acquiring a taste for art (only of a certain kind).


Ruchi’s First Story Book

Last weekend we bought The Lion King story book for Ruchi. The book has an inbuilt story narrator which is triggered by opening the book. The narrator narrates the story on each page. We introduced the book to Ruchi yesterday and we were pleasantly surprised to see that she was quite interested and listened to the whole story. Since then she has heard the story 3 times and she also looks at the pictures in the book while listening to the story. I never thought kids would be that interested in story reading at such a young age. We are definitely buy her some more story books so we can read to her. Other children’s books that have random sentences or words written in each page with bright pictures don’t seem to create much of an impression on her. Guess we will have to wait for some more time to show her those books.


Back to Work

Today is my first day back at work. I am still not sure if I am back full time or half time. Anyway since its from home I don’t really care. But it is still a little painful to leave Ruchi upstairs and be stuck in my office room in the basement. Its just that I am so used to having her near me all the time. I really don’t know how mothers who have to go out to work do it the first time. Hopefully I will get used to it soon.

Since I am still waiting for my project assignment I decided I will update this site. Praveen and I are having a hard time trying to find a free moment to update the site. But Since I am back to work I think I will be able to update it more regularly.

Today Ruchi was up at 4 in the morning and did not go back to sleep. She was in the mood to play and it was so much fun watching her coo and play. For the first time when I turned on the light she actually looked me straight in the eye and started smiling and laughing. It was like she was so happy to see me. On seeing that smile my sleep was all gone and I did not mind sitting up till 6:30 playing and talking to her. At 6:30 Praveen woke up and took over. She was laughing and smiling even when I changed her diaper at 2 and 4 in the morning. She smiles and laughs more often now. Especially at night after she is well rested. She also enjoys the baths her grandma gives her. The only thing she hates is when we wash her face. She is growing so fast and it is amazing to see the way she is changing everyday.


Ruchi’s First Outing

At last we summed up courage to take Ruchi out. Since it is autumn, we decided to take our parents to the Shenandoah Valley to show them the beautiful fall colors of the Appalachian mountains. It was my mom’s first outing too. My dad had gone out to see the capital city with some of his friends. As for Ruchi, we were not sure how she would react to the long drive. We were pleasantly surprised to see that except for a couple of diaper changes and feeding sessions, it was not a bad drive at all. She slept most of the time. The only time she woke up was when the car stopped. Looks like she loves the motion of the car.

The fall colors this year were simply spectacular. My parent’s were very impressed with the scenery. It was something they had only seen in pictures, so it was quite an experience for them. We took some wonderful pictures with my parents and Ruchi. We drive around 30 miles on the Skyline drive and then returned back. We were expecting Praveen’s cousins (Kumar Anna & Malli Anna) that night. They were going to drive down from New Jersey. But it turned out that they were unable to make it this weekend. We reached home very tired and exhausted at around five in the evening.

Ruchi survived her first trip out and we had a wonderful time and some great pictures for memories, courtesy my Husband.