Ruchi first night away from home

Well Ruchi decided that if she has to spend a night away from home then it will be in her Rajesh Mama’s house. She loves the company of her mama, atta and Bobby babai. Since we had guests coming over for Thanksgiving week we decided to take the friday off and go visit Rajesh anna & Saila akka. We started out on Thursday evening and reached Downington at around 10 in the night. Bobby had already arrived from New Jersey. Thankfully Ruchi was asleep through most of the drive. We only had to stop once for a diaper change. On Friday we took my parents to see New York. It was very cold on the 16th. It was impossible to spend much time outside with Ruchi. So I sat in a cafeteria of an apartment building while Praveen took my parents to Battery to show them the Status of Liberty. Unfortunately due to the cold wind blowing they did not take the ferry to the statue. After that we went to see the Empire State building. Praveen stayed with Ruchi while I took my parents to the top. The view on the top was breath taking. Mom and Dad loved it. But we couldn’t stay out too long due to the cold weather. We drove through New York City while trying to find the campus of Columbia University. Unfortunately we could not find it and since it was getting late we decided to start back home. On Saturday Rajesh Anna treated us to a wonderful Indian meal in an Indian Restaurant named Devi. From there we went to see Philadelphia. I never knew that Philly was such a beautiful city. We have to go there some time in leisure to check out all the sights. All we did was stop at am art museum. But since it was too late we just took pictures from outside. On our way to Penn’s Landing, Praveen met with a minor accident. It was such a bad ending to such a wonderful trip. Thankfully no one was hurt. Our car hit a CR-V in front of us. The spare tire on the CR-V caused a dent on our car’s hood. We will have to go back home to check out the extent of the damage. On Sunday we came after having a wonderful lunch prepared by Rajesh Anna and Saila Akka we started our drive home. Our friend Kagoo Ramesh was arriving with him family on Sunday evening. The best part with this whole trip is that we found out that a new environment does not really effect Ruchi and that she can handle long car drives. She never really needed us all the time to put her to sleep or to play. She was more than happy to play with her atta, mama and babai. And of course she loved it when her mama rocked her to sleep.


Ruchi’s First Children’s Day

Well there was nothing special happening this day. It was just another day of playing cooing, eating, pooping and sleeping for her. She is trying to talk a lot nowadays. She tries to have conversations with us. It is so cute watching her do that. She had a fifteen minute conversation with her dad at 6 in the morning today. She also loves playing with her musical gyms. She has reached that fun age where whatever she does is so entertaining. We feel bad that all our family members back home in India are missing out on all the fun. Well hopefully they will get to see her in a few months. The many things that she started doing or enjoying this month are more laughing and cooing, playing with her gym, enjoying sleeping on her side and tummy and of course her swing.

In other news, Sari was discharged from the hospital on her birthday (the 13th of November). The doctor said that she was doing fine and can go home. They had a small party for her and she cut her birthday cakes in the evening. We were so glad to see that she could go home. The doctor asked her to eat well and regain her strength. So its all good now.


Ruchi’s First Deepavali

The only good thing about this year’s Diwali is that it is Ruchi’s first Deepavali. So inspite of not being in the mood to celebrate, we decided to do something to make it memorable for her. We dressed her up in Silk pajamas in the morning and her pattu langa that Roopa sent in the evening. I made some sweet dishes. and the we lit all the clay deepams in the house.

Except for that there was nothing good happening this festive season. It was a week of one bad news after another. It started of with Praveen’s Babai Chinanagaru having a mild heart attack a couple of weeks ago and having to undergo angioplasty the day before diwali. Even before we got over that news, I came to know that my sister Saritha was ill. She had to be brought to Vizag to be treated. We preferred Vizag because both my sister Sujatha and Jeeju who are doctors knew most of the specialists in Vizag. Right now Sari is in the hospital getting treated. Even before this news sunk in we found out that little Sniggy was not doing well. Milk had entered her lungs while nursing, causing a lung infection. She had to be hospitalized for a couple of days. Thankfully both Sniggy and Babai chinanagaru are home and doing fine. I hope the doctors figure out soon what caused my sister’s blood levels to drop so they can treat her and send her home. I wish mom and dad could be there with her at this time.

Ruchi’s First Deepavali

Ruchi is 2 months old

Today is Ruchi’s 2nd month birthday. We had to take her to the doctor for her well check-up and get some vaccination shots. Ruchi was in an exceptionally good mood today. She was laughing and talking all the time in the clinic, i.e. until she got the shots. The doctor and nurse were very impressed at how she was talking to herself. She seemed to loved a picture of a horse and a picture of Donald Duck and his three nephews that was hanging on the walls. For the first time she did not cry when the doctor examined her. As of today she is 23 inches long and she weighed 10lbs 5 oz. The doctor said that height wise she was in 75 percentile and weight wise she was in the 45 percentile. So basically in height she is above average and in weight she is average. After the checkup the nurse came and gave her some vaccination drops to swallow and 3 shots on her thighs. When the needle first struck her. Ruchi did not realize what was happening for a second and then once she felt the sting and pain that followed, she started crying. It was so painful for Praveen and me to watch her cry. Poor thing she was going through so much pain. We fed her some milk and that calmed her for a while and the car ride home was quite soothing too. After coming home she slept for some time but every time she woke up to be fed she was crying a lot. Looks like she can still feel the pain from the shots. Removing the band aids that the nurse put on her thighs was another nightmare. Our poor baby’s 2nd birthday that started so wonderfully (she woke up in one of her best moods) ended up as one of the most painful days of her 2 month life.


Ruchi’s Busy Weekend

Well Ruchi was very busy this weekend. The weekend started of with the arrival of Rajesh anna, Saila akka, & Bobby. They came down this week to see Srinivas (Praveen’s brother) who was stopping in Virginia for a day before flying to SFO on a business trip. It is always wonderful having them over. They are a very fun lot to be around. Srinivas arrived a couple of hours later. Both his checked baggage was missing and he had to wait till late at night for their arrival (which was delivered to our house). Nirmala sent Ruchi a very cute pattu langa and a beautiful necklace. Later that evening Srinivas’s friend Vijay and his family came over to our place to say hello to Srinivas. Their adorable daughter Vennela was so fascinated by Ruchi. It was so much fun watching her talk to Ruchi. Also making a trip to see Ruchi were Praveen’s cousin’s on his father’s side (Malli, Prasunna and their kid Sagarika, & Kumar, Padma and their son Ashrith). They were supposed to arrive on Saturday but decided to come on Sunday instead. I was scared how Ruchi would handle being around so many people, especially since she is awake most of the time (compared to last month when she was sleeping most of the time). Thankfully she was very good. She hardly cried the whole time and when she was up she was quite entertaining. We had a wonderful time with all the cousins around. On Sunday morning we had a video chat with Roopa, Abhi, Sniggy, Aunty and Uncle. It was good seeing Abhi after such a long time. Its so amazing that he still remembers us after nearly a year. He seemed to be a little shy. He was so excited on see the collection of Cars collectibles Praveen bought for him. Everyone left Sunday night and all of us including Ruchi were so exhausted that we went to bed early.