Photo Shoot – Take 2

We decided to go to Sears to take some portraits with my parents. Since Ruchi was not very happy or awake when we went in the afternoon last time, we decided to take a morning appointment, at 11 a.m. What we realized that day is that it is impossible to get ready on time with a kid. Especially since we had to make two trips to the mall (not enough room in the car to seat all of us). But it all worked out in the end. Ruchi looked very adorable in all the pictures.



Ruchi’s first Christmas ended up being a first time celebration for all of us. Since we already had the Christmas tree we decided to put gifts for everyone under the tree. On Christmas day Ruchi dressed up in an adorable red dress bought by her Sam Pinni. Check out the picture below to see how adorable she looked. We set up a small basket for Ruchi and placed her under the tree as well. She was our biggest gift this year. Afterwards we opened all the gifts. Mom got a saree, Dad got a pen, Sam and Chinnari got a fleece sweatshirt each and Ruchi got some toys. Mom and Dad bought her a cute caterpillar whose legs are marked by each letter of the alphabet. It also has many pre-recorded baby rhymes. Praveen bought some cute toys for her and we also bought bathtub toys of the seven dwarfs when we went to Disney. Overall it was a wonderful holiday.

Ruchi Christmas


Orlando Trip

Ruchi had a wonderful time in Orlando. The +70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature (over 80 during the day) gave her a chance to check out the world outside her home and doctor’s office. When we went out in VA, PA and NY we had to bundle her up to protect her from the cold. But in Florida most of the time she was either strapped to her dad in the baby carrier or in the stroller wearing just an outfit (no blankets or sweaters to cover her). It was wonderful weather and we all enjoyed Seaworld and Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The Shamu show and the dolphin show in Seaworld was worth every penny we paid. The magic kingdom was definitely an out of this world experience.

Ruchi experienced many firsts in this trip. They included her first bus ride, train ride, plane ride, boat ride and even a raft ride. She was fascinated by all the displays and all the shows.


Major Accomplishment

Today Ruchi was able to lift her head when placed on her tummy and was able to hold it up for a long time. It was so adorable that I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures. An even bigger accomplishment was when she tried to push herself forward with her legs and tummy. She was able to move three short steps like that. So much for her 101st. day. After that she was happy just lying on her tummy and cooing.

Ruchi Tummy Exercise

Ruchi is 100 days old

I know its hard to believe but Ruchi is indeed 100 days old. It feels like it was just yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital. So much has happened in these three months. With the exception of her Prasad pedananagaru and his family, Ruchi has met all her uncles, aunts and cousins residing in US. Now she has to go to India to meet the rest of her family.

Some of her major accomplishments so far are making converstions (cooing), responding to a smile with smile, figuring out exactly how her play gym works, enjoying songs sung to her and sometimes recognizing songs she has heard before, following people’s movements and voices, sucking her fingers (to be exact her entire hand), playing peek-a-boo, cycling vigorously in air, and trying to sit in the sitting position for long. She is also trying to lift her head when placed on her tummy.

100 Days