Cute or Gross?

I don’t know whether it is cute or gross, but of lately Ruchi seems to be licking everything she can catch hold. It is fun watching her trying to get hold of things that are beyond her reach. She licks almost everything, her own fingers & toes, our hands, faces & shirts, her toys, the couch, beddings, pretty much anything that she can lay her hands on. Now it is becoming even more important to sanitize everything around her.


Rolling Over (Tummy & Back)

Of lately, Ruchi’s been rolling on to her tummy and then rolling back to her original position (on her back). She did it a couple of times today and was very happy with herself for doing it, because now she doesn’t need me to put her on her back whenever she gets tired of being on her tummy. She is also trying to crawl, but gets frustrated pretty soon.


My Love for the Glowworm

When I was very small, my dad bought me a glowworm toy that I pretty much ignored at that time. So when it ran out of batteries,my parents did not bother to replace them, that is until recently. For some reason, some weeks ago dad replaced the dead batteries with some new ones and they gave it to me to play. I was very fascinated by the music and the light the toy emitted every time we pressed its tummy. Now I love to play with it.


The Weekend is Over

Time seems to be flying so fast. The weekend is already over. Tomorrow dad will be back to work and it will just be mom and me all day. It was nice having Dad home for three days, these past couple of weekends. Since we did not get a chance to go out either on Friday or Saturday, we decided to go shopping today. Dad and Mom wanted to buy some clothes for my trip to India. I was outgrowing most of my full sleeve dresses and full length pants. We went to the Leesburg outlet mall. It was chilly outside, but bearable. It was fun going into each store and checking out the displays and clothes. Mom, Dad and Atta would go through all the clothes and then pick a couple for me. They ended up buying around six pairs for me. We had a wonderful time except for the one time when we saw a man who was standing outside the OshKosh store allowing a little girl to take puffs from the cigar he was smoking. The girl who looked like his daughter was around four to six years of age. It was quite disturbing to see what the man was doing. We came home as soon as the sun started setting.

Mom and Atta spent the evening relaxing and watching TV while I had a heart to heart talk with my Dad.


Amit & Renu’s Visit

Today, Praveen’s friend Amit came home for dinner with his family. They have been wanting to come see Ruchi, but we both had trouble finding a free weekend. At last they got to see Ruchi today. Unfortunately Ruchi was not her usual self. She was very silent and restless, because she was constipated. She emptied her tummy after they left and was back to her usual self. Unfortunately they did not get to see that side of her. It was nice having them over. We got a chance to catch up with whats happening in our lives while Saksham and Vanshika entertained themselves with the books and toys they brought along.


Ice Storm Strikes Back

Unlike last time, everyone was aware of the ice storm that hit today. Schools were closed and people were asked to use caution when coming to work or, if it was bad to work from home. Chinnari came over last night, since the weather was going to be bad today. She and Praveen worked from home. Fortunately the weather was not as bad as last time, though there was a multiple car chain crash on a Maryland highway. I took this as an opportunity to make some Gulab Jamun for tomorrow’s dinner. Praveen’s friend Amit is coming over with his family to see Ruchi.


Dad Back in the Game

Yesterday in the evening I was still cooking when Ruchi showed signs that she was hungry. Since I was busy, Praveen volunteered to try and feed her. Amazingly she did not fuss when her father fed her. She finished her whole serving of cereal and also went for some serving of green peas. Talking of green peas, since she was not liking the taste of the peas we decided to feed her a little of the peas everyday, so she can get used to the taste. Our plan worked and now she is not averse to its taste. She actually smiles and laughs while eating her peas. We are so glad we did not give up. Now she eats half a bottle of peas everyday after eating her cereal. She finishes a full bottle for other fruits and veggies. Hopefully, pretty soon she will be able to eat a full bottle of green peas as well. But right now we don’t want to push our luck.


Ruchi’s First Sign – No

Ruchi has figured out how to tell us if she is full or does not really like the song we are singing to her. I noticed this when I was feeding her in the morning, a couple of days ago. After having her cereal, I was feeding her some vegetable. After a couple of spoons, she started shaking her head left to right. At first I thought it was just one of those cute things she discovered she could do and is just demonstrating it to me. It took me a while to realize that she was saying that she was full and did not want any more vegetable. The next time I noticed her do that was again while I was feeding her in the evening. I was singing to her and she kept shaking her head, since she had just started eating I knew that she was not full. But she kept shaking her head and refused to open her mouth, then I changed the song to Twinkle Twinkle (its one of her favorite songs). She immediately opened her mouth and took the spoonful of cereal. This happened for the entire course. She would open her mouth if I sang Twinkle Twinkle, Itsy Bitsy Spider, I Love You You Love Me, O My My, or When You are Happy and You Know. For all other rhymes and songs the mouth remained tight shut. It was amazing watching her do it. Later I saw that even when she was nursing she would stop drinking when she is done and shake her head. The shaking of the head it always accompanied by a cute smile because she knows we understand what she is doing and it is so adorable. I wonder how long she will keep doing it, but we sure are enjoying it while it lasts.


Ruchi Loves her Exersaucer

Of lately Ruchi has been getting very excited every time we put her in her Exersaucer. She has figured out how all the toys on the play center work. She makes a whole rotation by playing with all the toys around her and usually goes for more rounds. We are so glad we bought the toy. Its a wonderful way for her to be on her feet as well as control what she is doing (instead of us holding her). She also loves to bounce up and down in the Exersaucer.


My India Trip Confirmed

At last Dad found the time to purchase our flight tickets to India. At first mom was a little upset because, she had found a wonderful deal on Air France, but the prices shot up by the time Dad sat down to buy the tickets. That turned out to be a good thing for us, because while researching for tickets dad decided to call united to see if he could use the miles he had accumulated during previous travels, to buy tickets for us. It so happened that he had enough miles to buy tickets for mom and dad. He had to pay only for me. So with my ticket and processing fees we ended up paying 320 for all of us. This will be Mom and Dad’s cheapest India trip ever. Finally I will get a chance to see the rest of my family in India. I am so excited that I will get to meet and play with my cousin’s Esh, Abhi, Sniggy & Sanvi.