Two More Teeth

Two more of Ruchi’s teeth have popped out. They are the two middle teeth on the top jaw. Now totally she has six teeth that have popped out, but still have to grow to their full size. Her habit of chewing on anything she lays her hands on has increased ever since those two teeth popped up. In other news, Ruchi has gotten used to taking her naps in the crib. She has become so comfortable that she even plays in her crib for hours. She has finally figured out how to sit carefully from a standing position, so now she doesn’t cry for help every time she stands up.


Ruchi’s New Toys

Of lately we noticed that Ruchi was getting a little bored with her old toys. We decided that it was time she got some new ones. So yesterday we went shopping to buy her some. Praveen was so excited looking at all the selection of toys, that he ended up buying her quite a few, the biggest one being a car that we can push around. He couldn’t wait to get home and try it out. Ruchi loved the car and she is enjoying her rides very much.
Today Praveen and I went out for dinner. We went to the new Thai restaurant in Ashburn, called Bangrak Thai. The food wasn’t as good as the food in Barupa or Sala Thai, but the ambiance was fine. Since Ruchi was showing signs of hunger at the restaurant, I had to feed her too. She enjoyed her time at the restaurant and today ended up being the first day that Ruchi ever sat in a restaurant high-chair to eat. She was very comfortable in it. She would jump up and down on the chair (similar to riding a pony).


Ruchi’s First Live Concert

Today Ruchi attended her first concert, it was actually more like a mini-concert. Like every Saturday we went to the library for Ruchi’s baby lapsit class and were surprised to see a big crowd there. We asked the lady at the door what was happening and she told us the Mr. Knick Knack was giving a concert in the library that morning. Since the baby lapsit class was canceled we decided to give the concert a try. Praveen decided to skip the concert and check out books in the library instead. So Ruchi & I went to the concert alone. Luckily I met Praveen’s friend Bhavana. She was there with her kids. Mr. Knick-knack sang all the popular children’s songs and Ruchi enjoyed it very much (especially since it was accompanied by music). The program lasted forty five minutes, and Ruchi clapped and dance the whole time.


Change of Earrings

At last I managed to remove Ruchi’s diamond studs. I have been trying to remove them for a long time, but Ruchi would never sit still for me to remove them. As always I tried again today, and for a change Ruchi did not move till I pulled the seal loose. It is so wonderful. Now I can change her earrings whenever I want to. She is currently wearing the earrings Aparna gave her and she looks so different in them.


Another Try at Sleeping in the Crib

Since it was getting extremely dangerous for Ruchi to sleep on the bed alone (she does not make any sound when she wakes up so we can hear on the monitor, she just sits up ans starts crawling) we decided that it was about time she slept in the crib, atleast for her afternoon naps. So last night after feeding her, I rocked her to sleep and placed her in the crib, she slept for two hours and then woke up. Since it was her first day, I let her sleep the rest of the night with me. I tried it again today, by making her take all her naps in the crib. If she wakes up I am either rocking her to sleep and then putting her back in the crib, or letting her play until she tires herself. It is working fine for today, I hope this continues.


Climbing Stairs

Now that she has mastered crawling, Ruchi decided to try out something new. So she crawled to the stairs leading upstairs and started to climb one at a time. I was amazed to see that she could get up a whole flight of stairs without any trouble (of course I had to stand behind her to prevent her from falling, should she slip). She was so excited when she reached the top. Then she wanted to try coming down by holding on to the rails, but I did not think it was such a good idea. So I lifted her and brought her down instead.


Ruchi Outgrowing her Frocks

Today I realised that Ruchi was outgrowing all her frocks. I was so caught up with dressing her comfortably (warm during winter and light during summer) that I hardly got a chance to dress her in all the pretty frocks she owns. Some of the dresses she wore only once while others, she wore a couple of times. Its during such times that I wish I was in India, because kids there get a chance to dress up in frocks and lehangas more often than they do here.


Figuring out New Tricks

Ever since Ruchi figured out how to crawl, she doesn’t seem to get tired of crawling and pulling herself up with the help of any piece of furniture in the house. Her latest favorite thing is to pull herself up at the headboard of our bed. She can do it all day and night. The new trick she has figured out is pulling herself up and then letting herself loose so she falls back on the bed. She enjoys the free-fall but I am scared that she might hurt herself. It is impossible to stop her.


Back Home from Downingtown

We were initially planning on leaving in the morning so we could go to the beach for a couple of hours and then head back home. However those plans changed when Chinnari said that she had to attend an office call. It was good because Peddamma and others got a chance to spend more time with Ruchi. Ruchi had become very comfortable with everyone and she was having a great time. So it was decided we were going to leave soon after lunch, which was later pushed to three and finally we were able to make it out of the house at five. Shanthi wanted us to stop at her place for an early dinner, but we wanted to get home before Ruchi got cranky. We also have to take care of grocery shopping once we got home. Thankfully Ruchi was in a great mood and soon after we dropped off Shanthi, she fell asleep. As for the grocery shopping, we were so exhausted that we had to postpone it to tomorrow.


Satyanarayan Puja in Saila Akka’s house

We all had a great time today. Ruchi looked very adorable in her ghagara. The pujari did a very good job with the puja and Rajesh anna and Saila akka looked great in their traditional outfits. The food was excellent. It was wonderful spending time with all of their friends. I was very surprised to see that Ruchi was quite comfortable in her dress. Half way through the function, the house started getting very warm, so I had to change her into a cotton frock. By around two in the afternoon, all of us were very tired, and we were waiting for the guests to leave. I was amazed at how much energy Shanti had, she was the only one (besides the hosts), entertaining the guests till they left. Afterwards everyone played a game of pool, and then we relaxed in the basement, watching Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar while Saila akka and Rajesh anna patiently entertained some guests who showed up in the evening.