Photo Session with Anitha’s Mom

In the past few weeks, I have become very close with Aunty (Anitha’s mom). Every chance she gets, she comes over to chat with me. Aunty is leaving for India on Saturday, and before she left, she wanted to take some pictures with us (me, usha and the kids) to show them to her grandkids in India. So we decided to have our photo session, after our baby lapsit class today. Usha’s mother-in-law also joined us, and we had a great time talking, singing and taking pictures.


Ruchi Recognizes some of her Books

Slowly Ruchi is recognizing small sentences and is also recognizing some of her favorite books. It is so much fun asking her for a book. She immediately goes to the book and if I say, ‘give it to mommy’, she brings it to me. Ruchi has figured out many more things, and it is becoming much more difficult to keep an eye on her. She can open and close not only the lids of her toys, but also drawers and cabinet doors. She can also turn the TV on and off both with the remote as well as by pressing the button on the TV. She loves standing in front of the TV when it is turned on. So now our TV is turned off most of the time, thanks to our daughter.


Ruchi Rides on a Shopping Cart

Today Ruchi had a great time in her babygarten class. Charvi could not make it today, so Ruchi did not dare to venture out on her own. She tried to stay close to me, but after the class, during the play time, she summed up courage to get herself a toy. Later in the evening we went to Costco to get our tires checked. While we were in Costco, we let Ruchi sit in the shopping cart, while we cruised through the store. She loved the view very much. She had a wonderful time checking out the displays in every aisle. Today we got our data back from the guy who retrieved it. Praveen took a look and found that most of Ruchi’s pics were missing and of those that were retrieved more than half of them were corrupted files that could not be opened. Looks like we have lost Ruchi’s pictures for good. We hope there is some way to retrieve those files.


Checked Out the Party Hall

Today, after our at-home baby lapsit class, Usha and I went over to the Westwind-Camden community to check out the party hall we had booked for Ruchi’s birthday party. It was a very good looking hall. Usha and I liked it very much, but we were little concerned about the size. It was a little smaller than we had expected, but since it comes with the deck, it should be sufficient for our party. This is so exciting. Looking at the hall made me realize that Ruchi’s birthday was just around the corner and there is still so much to do.


Enjoying Her New Float

Today while waiting for his tires to be replaced, Praveen decided to shop for Ruchi. He bought her a cool looking float, that she can use in the pool. We decided to give it a try at home. So we filled our tub with water and placed the float in it. At first Ruchi was a little scared, but after some time she became comfortable and had a great time. After spending a good thirty minutes in the water, she was reluctant to come out.


Finally Drinking from a Water Bottle

Ever since Ruchi started drinking from a glass, it has been impossible trying to get her to drink from a sippy cup or bottle. As long as she is at home, drinking from a glass works out fine, but it is a little difficult when we are on the road. So we decided to try a water bottle, the one with a straw. We have been trying to get her to drink from it for over a week. Finally, yesterday she figured out how to drink the water from the bottle, and there was no stopping ever since. I should slowly try and get her to drink her juices the same way.

Today we had a video chat with Abhi and Sniggy. For the first time all the three kids enjoyed seeing each other on the computer. Abhi and Sniggy entertained Ruchi with their dance for the song Om Shanthi Om. Abhi displayed some pretty cool moves. It was wonderful seeing them both. They are growing up so fast. As soon as we hung up, we got a call from Giri. He informed us that Bharathi gave birth to a baby girl. We were very excited. Just when I thought that Bharathi’s baby and my sister Samatha, were going to share a birthday, he told us that the baby was born last night at 11:30 p.m. That was great news. So we rushed to the hospital to see the baby and mom. They were both doing fine and Kavya (the baby) was very pretty. She was 21 inches long and weighed around 7lbs 2oz. It is a little difficult to say whom she resembles right now. I think she looks more like Giri, while Praveen thinks she resembles Bharathi. Finally she is out and now Ruchi has one more friend to play with.


Scared of the Pool? Not Anymore

Ruchi has finally overcome her fear of the swimming pool. Today I took her to the pool, and she enjoyed it very much. She walked in the pool, sat in my laps , floated in a tube and had a great time splashing water all over herself. She and Charu had a wonderful time splashing and clapping while Usha and I sang to them. Putting her in a tub of water everyday before her bath, helped overcome her fear. It won’t be too long before she is all set for her first swimming lesson.


When will Ruchi go to the potty on her own?

I am eagerly waiting for the day when Ruchi will go to the potty on her own. I know it is not going to be any time soon, but the fact that she is now eating solids full time (literally home cooked meals), it is not easy sitting with her, while she empties her bowels. She usually does not spend much time on the potty, but there are a few occasions, when she sits on the potty, gets half the job done, then plays for some time (either with me, her toys, or just by looking around) and then takes her own sweet time to complete the job. It is sometimes quite painful sitting with her, during such days. The smell doesn’t seem to bother her at all, but it sure does torture me. I’d change a very stinky diaper any day than sit for nearly half-an-hour near a stinky potty. But poor thing, now that she is used to her potty, I know that she prefers it to the diaper. Which means that I should learn to deal with it until she is ready to go on her own.


Party Hall Finalized

Finally we were able to finalize a party hall for Ruchi’s birthday. A couple of days ago, while hunting for party halls, we found out that the club house in our neighboring apartment complex was available on the 6th of September. It was a little small, but looked good, plus it had a deck. And the best part is that, it was very close to our house. The only problem we had was that we did not know any one who lived in that complex. Praveen sent a mail to all his AOL employees to see if anyone lived there. Luckily, one of them replied to his mail. The person offered the book the club house for us. So, today Praveen went with him and reserved the club house for the sixth of September. Now its time for us to start the birthday preparations.


Day 2 of Babygarten Class

Today was Ruchi’s second babygarten class. Just when we were about to leave, Anitha’s mom came over. Their refrigerator was broken, so she wanted to store some of their food in our fridge. Aunty sat for a few minutes, and then it was time for us to leave. We barely made it to the class on time. Ruchi as usual enjoyed the class very much. She already knows how to act for some of the rhymes. She also loves playing with the toys and other kids at the end of the class. There was a book sale in the library and I bought Ruchi a pop-up book of Curious George.