Preparing for the Big Day

Finally we found the time to take care of ordering and shopping for Ruchi’s birthday party. We ordered the cake yesterday in Amphora. We chose the same cake as the one we had for my baby shower (because we loved it very much). Since Ruchi knows and loves her seven dwarfs bath toys, we decided to go with snow white and seven dwarfs for the cake design. Today we ordered the food in Banjara and bought return gifts for all the kids.


Its Not Seven – Its Ten

Today I realized that Ruchi has a total of ten teeth. While feeding her today, I noticed that not one but four of her teeth have broken through the skin. I never knew that teeth came out in groups until I saw the way Ruchi’s were popping up. Ruchi’s bruise on her lip is getting better. The purple color of the bruise is finally fading away.


Ruchi’s Biggest Bruise

Today while playing near the TV stand, Ruchi slipped and fell face down, hurting her lip on one of the glass tops. It was a hard fall, and one of her tooth pierced into the inside of her lower lip. It started bleeding immediately. Since I could not get her drink water, I had to feed her some milk to stop the bleeding. She cried for a minute or two and after drinking the milk, she was fine, and started playing like nothing had happened. In about five minutes her lip swelled up and when she smiled I noticed that the inside of her, where the tooth pierced the skin, had turned blackish-blue which changed to purple later at night. It was so painful looking at how badly bruised she was.


Recognizing Direction of Sound

Ruchi finally recognizes various sounds and the directions they are coming from. Earlier, if a plane flew by, she would look on the road in both direction for a car or truck, but now she looks straight up into the sky. She follows the flight of the plane until it disappears into the distance. She can see planes that are flying quite high too. Similarly if she hears the sound of a truck, or car, she looks in the direction of sound and waits for the vehicle to pass our window. Her favorite is the garbage truck, because it goes slowly and stops in front of nearly every house.


Overcomes Fear of the Rocking Horse

Fortunately Ruchi’s fear of the rocking horse lasted only one night. This morning when I placed her on the horse she did not protest. She had a wonderful time playing on it. Turning off the sound box, sure seems to have helped. I realized that I could use the horse to double as a safety gate. It prevents Ruchi from climbing up the stairs when I place it at the bottom of the stairs.


First Birthday Present

Ruchi’s first birthday present arrived today. It was from her Sam pinni. It was a rocking horse. When Praveen came home, he put it together. We were very excited about the horse, so as soon as he was done, we put Ruchi on it. She was fine for the first couple of minutes, but after that she started crying. It must have been the neighing and galloping sound the toy emitted, that scared her. We turned off the sound, but since it was late at night, we decided we will give it a fresh try tomorrow. It is such a cool looking toy, I hope she gets over her fear soon. It reminded us of the first time we bought a rocking horse for Abhi, and how scared he was of it.


Ruchi’s New Bedtime

Since last week, I have been making an effort to try and get Ruchi to go to bed by 10:30 p.m. So far its been working. Since 10:30 is still late for a girl her age, I decided to try and get her to bed by 9:30 yesterday. Surprisingly she did not mind going to bed early, and did not wake up till 8 in the morning (except for her feeding sessions at night). So I tried putting her to bed by 9:30 today and so far she seems to be sleeping soundly. I hope she makes it a habit of sleeping by 9:30p.m. Praveen and I have been very worried that she was sleeping so little everyday. Now that she is older and more active, we know that she needs to get as much rest as possible.

Today I got an unexpected call from my long lost friend, Sethu. Sethu and I went to school together in Utah. After graduation we went our separate ways. We kept in touch for a while and then got busy with our lives. I was very surprised to hear her voice. Apparently our friend Kagoo and she work for the same company. It was wonderful hearing from her, after so many years. Later I got a chance to talk to Kagoo and found out that he had just started working on a project in Connecticut and will be stationed there for a while.


Seventh Tooth

After nearly two months, one more of Ruchi’s tooth has broken through the skin. I noticed it today, while brushing her teeth. So now she has four teeth in the top row and three in the bottom. An interesting thing that Ruchi did today was, try to imitate her dad. Praveen was brushing his teeth and she was so fascinated that I gave her, her toothbrush and she had a great time trying to brush. Until today, she did not allow me to use her toothbrush, so I used to brush her teeth with a finger brush. It was such a relief brushing her teeth with an actual toothbrush. Now I don’t have to fret that she might bite my finger.


Reaching For Door Knobs

Now that she can reach the door knobs, Ruchi never seems to be tired of trying to open the door. Her favorite door is the one in the living room that leads to the deck. Everyday she goes to the door, stands on her toes and tries to turn the knob. Other doors she likes to try opening are the bathroom and closet doors. When she is tired of standing on her toes, she takes a break by sitting down and playing with the door stoppers. She loves the vibrating sound the spring emits.


Ruchi Tries to Imitate

Today while playing with Ruchi, I noticed that when I say something, she tries to repeat it. She doesn’t do it all the time, but if she hears something that she thinks she knows, she will try to repeat it by making a sound that sounds very much like the way I said it. For example when I say Bow Wow, she says ba ba, and when I say meow she says mmm.., but the way she says it, it sounds very much like the real sound. Same goes for singing. When I sing a note to her she tries to hum it. It is wonderful seeing her try to imitate.