Ruchi Brushing Her Teeth

Ever since her first tooth came out, I have been brushing or trying to brush Ruchi’s teeth. But it was something I did while giving her a bath. But of lately, she has started showing interest in brushing her teeth like we do, at the sink. She even opens her mouth voluntarily when she sees her brush. We are so glad she loves brushing her teeth.


First Day in Seattle

Last night when we arrived, we were so exhausted that we went straight to bed. Today we were all up very early in the morning. Looks like it might take us a while to get used to the pacific time zone. In the morning when I looked out of the balcony, I realized at what a great location our apartment was situated. The Seattle Art Museum was right across the street, and the harbor right behind us, where we could see day cruise boats and ferries. We had a great view of the tall skyscrappers of Seattle. We had a great view of the mueseum on one side and the harbor from the balcony. Praveen told me that the mall and Pike’s Place market were also just a couple of blocks away, all walkable distances. Unfortunately,I was very sick today. So sightseeing had to wait for a later time. For some reason my tummy was upset all day. Since I was not in any state to go out, Praveen went alone to buy the groceries. He also bought me some pepto-bismol. My stomach felt much better have taking two doses of the medicine.


Movers Arrive – Packing Begins

The movers came today and started packing our stuff. Ruchi was very excited to see all the commotion around her. The movers were doing quite a good job at packing everything. As opposed to what the inspector said, the moving guys were willing to take all our dru food stuff like spices, pulses, rice and even cooking oils and pickles. They said that the only thing they were not allowed to take were opened soaps and shampoo and cleaning stuff. Ruchi had a great time watching the movers pack. In the evening we went to Rio Grande for Dinner. Ruchi wanted to have what we were having so I gave her a small piece of the tortilla (roti). She loved it and asked for more. That kept her occupied for the evening and we were able to have a peaceful dinner. Later we went to Bharathi’s place to drop off the dress Chinnari had bought for Kavya, and then Aparna’s place to drop off her DVDs. At night Praveen received an email, confirming an apartment for us at the Harbor Steps in Seattle.


Lunch at Sher’s house

Inspite of hiring movers there was still a lot of sorting and packing to do around the house. We had to pick out clothes, books and other stuff that we did not need any more. We were so lost with the work around the house that we lost track of time. Sher and Vipula had invited us over for lunch and we ended up going two hours late. On our way to their house, Ruchi tried out her new forward facing car seat. She loved it very much. I guess the fact that she could see the road ahead and her dad in the front seat, was very exciting for her. She had a great time at Sher’s house. She likes Sher and Vipula and ever since she turned one, she has become very active. She crawled all over the house, checking out anything that looked new to her. Later we dropped off some our old clothes at Goodwill before going to toys’r’us to buy Ruchi a new umbrella stroller.


One year portrait

We wanted to get a portrait of Ruchi and a family portrait when Ruchi turned one. So today we went to picture people to get the portraits. Unfortunately this time, the photos were not as great as the previous portraits, but Ruchi looked very cute. We were not satisfied with our family portrait. Anyway we bought a bunch of pics because Ruchi was really very cute in the traditional outfit. On our way home we bought Ruchi’s forward facing seat. Later in the afternoon Bharathi and her family came over to say goodbye. This was aunty and uncle’s first visit to our house. I felt bad that I could not have them over for dinner. It was good to see Kavya. She was sleeping peacefully with not a care in the world. When I first saw Kavya at the hospital, I thought that she looked a lot like Giri, but now she seems to resemble Bharathi more than Giri. Today for lunch Ruchi had rice and mudda pappu. This was the first time she ate pappu that I had made for Praveen and me. She seemed to like it very much.


Dinner at Usha’s Place

Since we were leaving pretty soon, Usha invited us for dinner at her place. SHe had invited Shyam, Chaitanya and Girish’s family as well. It was wonderful spending the evening with all of them. Charu was very exhausted and went to bed early. But Ruchi was in a playful mood, and had a great time playing with Nidhi. She was excited to see so many people in the room. She was crawling all over, and trying out all of Charu’s toys. Later while we were having dessert, Ruchi wanted to have a lick of the chocolate ice-cream I was eating. I let her lick it once, thinking that she just wanted to see what I was eating, and to my surprise she loved it and wanted more. I was so surprised to see her take to something new so quickly. She had quite a few licks, but after that I decided it was enough for one day.



Ruchi is turning into one little busy-bee. She just can’t sit idle for one minute. If she is not playing, then she is busy pulling daipers out of the daiper bag, or clothes out the clothes hamper, or utensils and spoons out of kitchen cabinets, etc. The more I tell her not to do it, the more excited she gets. Wonder why they do not have a name for this stage in a growing child (like terrible twos and terrifying threes).


Move Initiated

Today one of the guys from the moving company came over to survey our belongings. It was to give them an idea of the type and quantity of packing material they will need to pack our stuff on Monday. While going through each room, I couldn’t help thinking that next week, same day this will be an empty house. I still can’t believe that we will be leaving this house. When we bought it, we thought we will be here for quite some time, but I guess everything does not work out the way we plan. I wouldn’t say I am not excited to move to Seattle (it’s a whole new place to experience), but so much has happened in this house, that it will be painful to leave it.


Packing for Ruchi

Since we have less than a week, to move our stuff, I decided to start packing things we will need for our first sixty days temporary housing stay. I started with Ruchi’s items. After packing her clothes, I started making a list of things she will need during those sixty days and realized that there are bigger items, like her potty and high-chair that we will need if we have to survive for sixty days. Not to mention the swing, and some of her big toys, that keep her occupied, giving me some free time during the day. We have to figure out a way to have to potty and high chair with us, when we live in the temp housing.