Ruchi’s Second Halloween

Last year I had so many plans for Ruchi, for this Halloween. Praveen did not let me buy a costume for her last year, because she was too young. Little did I know that her second halloween would end up the same as her first one. This year, as luck should have it we are in a totally new place, with hardly any good clothes stores nearby (with the exception of highend one’s like macy’s, gucci, nordstorm, etc. and they did not carry any halloween costumes). I wanted to go around and check out the neighbourhood to see if I might have some luck, but unfortunately it was raining continuously for the past couple of days. Since there was nothing to do,we decided to walk around in the evening. We saw some people in costumes walking down the street, some were impressive, while others were creepy. As for Ruchi, she fell asleep five minutes into the walk and did not get to see any one in costumes.


Ruchi Not Afraid to Try Spicy Food

Ruchi is at that phase where she wants to try the food we are eating, especially her dad (due to his love for snacks). Until now spicy food especiall snacks were off-limits to her. But today when Praveen was eating his mixture, she kept nagging him to give her some. So finally Praveen gave in and fed her a small piece of the mixture. She loved it so much she wanted more. I was very surprised, because even I feel that the mixture Praveen buys for himself is spicy. Anyway we stopped after a few spoons. She has plenty of time to eat her snacks, and we did not want her to get sick.


Story Time at Seattle Public Library

Today I took Ruchi to the library, for story time. It was her first story time. In Ashburn, we went to baby lapsit and baby garten classes. In those classes we sang Rhymes. In story time, there was actually story book reading and later the lady told a few stories. We also sang a few songs in-between. Though Ruchi enjopyed the class, she was a little intimidated with the group. There were a lot of kids at story time. So she did not leave my side. But after the class, she had a great time playing in the library play room. She would walk up to the big kids playing on the computers or board games and watch them. She really loves the library. I met a couple of Indian moms, who coincidentally were all from Andhra.


Diwali in Seattle

It is on days like this we miss not being around family and friends. Staying in a tempoprary housing, in a new place makes it worse. This year Diwali, ended up being just another day for us. We did not have any if our diwali decorations, to decorate the apartment. But we tried to make it a little special for Ruchi. She ate lemon rice and vada for the first time. She loved the lemon rice, but was not too fond of the vada.


Visit to Seattle Public Library

Today, after her afternoon nap, I decided to take Ruchi to the library. It was about four block away, three of which were a steep uphill climb.It was quite a climb, pushing Ruchi in her stroller, but it was worth the walk. The Library had a special section for kids to read or play. Ruchi loved it very much, and had a great time playing. We spent two hours in the library. I am so glad we found the library. Now I can take Ruchi everyday (as long as its not raining). I found out that they have story time every mondays and wednessdays. Now Ruchi will be able to go to a place where she can interact with other kids.


Ruchi and the Homeless in Seattle

After a long day yesterday, we decided to relax and stay at home today. Later in the evening we went for a walk. We wanted to buy Ruchi some long socks and gloves. Since Gap was just a few blocks away, we walked there and bought her some socks. We did not have any luck with mittens, so we just walked some more and went home. Ruchi loves going on walks in downtown, but it always freaks me out when I am out with her alone. There are a lot of homeless people in seattle. And Ruchi loves to wave to them and they wave back. Of lately she has been giving them flying kisses too. She never waves hi or does anything when we meet people we know, but she seems to love doing it to strangers, especially the homeless. They smile and start waving and talking to her, while I try to get away from there as fast as possible, without looking too obvious.


Basmati Cheaper than Sona Masoori

Many of you might have heard stories about scarcity of rice and the huge hike in rice prices, especially in US-Canada region. Well today I realised that the fact is, it isn’t rice in general that is scarce or overly priced, it is Sona Masoori rice that most of indian living abroad are obsessed with, that is pricey or scarce. We noticed that there are a huge variety of rice (though most of them might be the kind of rice the oriental asians and mexicans eat like jasmine rice and long grain rice) and not to mention the world famous basmati. Today after house hunting we stopped to buy groceries and as usual found out that the store was out of Sona Masoori, but to our surprise we found that Basmati (that lately we have been eating regularly) was much cheaper and avai;lable in abundance. We were paying $40/20lb bag for Sona Masoori and Basmati was $20 for two 10lb bags, which is literally half the price of Sona Masoori. We decided that we have had it with Sona Masoori, from now on its going to be basmati and we will try to get used to it. Now that even Ruchi is used to it, I think we should be fine.


Baby Boy in the Guttala Household

After four daughters and three grand-daughters, my parents are finally getting their chance to play with a baby boy. My younger sister, Saritha gave birth to a healthy baby boy, on friday morning at around 8:00 am IST. It is such great news. Sad that Sam and I can’t be there to see Sari’s newborn baby. In other great news, Sam successfully defended her Master’s Thesis today. We are all eagerly waiting for the first pictures of the baby so we can give our input as to whom the baby resembles. As of today Praveen and I have officially become Peddanana and Peddamma respectively. And Ruchi now has a little brother to play with.


Hard to Let Go

For quite some time now, Ruchi has been sleeping on her own, in her crib. She knows that once I set her in the crib and turn off the light it is time for her to go to sleep. Sometimes I have to sing or tell her a story, but most of the time I just sit on the bed, next to her crib, and she plays for a few minutes and then falls asleep on her own. Once she sleeps, she does not get up till seven or eight in the morning, that is a solid 10-11 hours of sleep. On one-hand we are so proud that she learned to fall asleep on her own so quickly, but on the other-hand we feel so sad that she has become so independent and does not need us anymore. The fact that she is not sleeping with us hurts us very much. But we noticed that when she is in the crib, her sleep is mostly undisturbed, but if she sleeps with us, she gets up many times during the night. And now that she has become used to sleeping on her own, she does not want to sleep with us any more. She even takes her afternoon naps in the crib. The transition was much easier for her than it is for us.


Playing with Flowers

Ruchi is very fascinated by the flowers Praveen bought for me. She kept pointing them to me, all day, so in the evening I gave her a flower to play with. She played with it for some time, and then realised it was much more fun tearing the flower by pulling its petals. After she plucked all the petals, she had a great time throwing them on herself.