Ruchi’s Cold Intensifies

When we woke up this morning Ruchi’s temperature was totally under control, but her cold seemed to be worse than yesterday. The edge of her nostrils were pink with the constant cleaning of her nose. All that sneezing did not stop her from playing her daily games. It is really amazing how kids don’t let a cold bring them down.


Ruchi Catches her First Cough

I am not sure if it was the move, the change of water, exposure to the cold weather or a virus, but Ruchi woke up with a fever, cough and cold. This was the first time she has a cough, and it sounded bad. The poor girl’s nose was running all day. We were able to control her fever with Tylenol, but looks like we might have to wait out the cold and cough. It is very painful to see Ruchi sick, there is absolutely nothing we can do to make her feel better.


Ruchi Gets Her Own Bathroom

While in the apartment, we realized how easy it was, when Ruchi had her own bathroom. So, we decided that Ruchi should have her own bathroom, to give her the space she needs (her potty, bathtub, etc). So we moved Ruchi’s stuff to the children/guest bathroom. The bath tub was a perfect size for Ruchi, and she took her first bath in it today. This works out great for us, because now we don’t have to worry about the things we have on our bathroom counter or cabinets. All the stuff in Ruchi’s bathroom is childproof. She seems to enjoy having her own bathroom, where everything belongs to her.


Ruchi Sleeping in Her Room

I never thought I will say this for a long time, but Ruchi is sleeping all alone in her own room. I think it was the excitement of being in a new place. Since our master bedroom, is not too big, we had to put Ruchi’s crib in her own room. Since she is used to sleeping in the crib, I decided to see on the first night how she will react to sleeping on her own. She woke up once at around one in the morning, but went back to sleep when I went and sat next to the crib. After that she did not wake up again. The following nights she slept all through the night without waking up at all. I never expected this transition to be so easy.


Ruchi’s Stroller Tantrums

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, we decided to go buy our groceries for the week. Now that most of our stuff is unpacked, we know what we have and what we need to buy. First we stopped at the Indian grocery store to buy some Indian groceries, then we went to a grocery store called QFC. It was a pretty nice store and reminded us of Wegmann’s, our grocery store in Ashburn. All through our shopping trips, Ruchi refused to sit in her stroller. She does that when Praveen is around. When it is just me, she knows she has no choice, but if her dad is around, she knows that if she cries he will carry her. It was fine for some time but it is not easy carry a 21lbs baby for a long period, especially one that is very active. So, I had to send Praveen to another aisle, so I could put her in her stroller. I hope she realizes soon that carrying is not an option.


Ruchi is Very Happy to Have All Her Stuff Back

Last night Ruchi got a chance to see some of her toys. She was very happy to see them. But she showed her real excitement today when she went into her room and saw all her toys, books and crib. Her father had unpacked her stuff after she went to bed last night. She kept going from one toy to another. And when she was done with that, she went to the books shelf and brought me one book after another to read. I think she was the most happiest when she had her bath. She was very excited to see her blue bath tub and all her bath tub toys. She splashed in the the tub for a while. I was very happy to see that she hadn’t forgotten any of her things. We were all glad to be among familiar objects again.


Our Furniture Arrives

We were told that our furniture was going to arrive sometime between eight and nine in the morning. So we had to wake up early, get dressed, clear up all the stuff in the apartment, hand over the keys, and drive to our new place. I was worried if we could make it in time. Fortunately, Ruchi did not give us any trouble. We even had enough time to take a shower and have breakfast. The movers arrived on time. Ruchi was very excited to be in the new place and to see all the commotion around her. But when it was time to take a nap, she became very cranky. There was no bed or crib for her to lie on, so I had to carry her, while she slept. Having lost touch with sleeping like that it took her a while to settle down. The movers did a pretty good job, though, due to limited space, quite a number of our boxes ended up in the garage. There was a lot of unpacking to do. We decided to take our time with the unpacking. With Ruchi around, it is impossible to get anything done. She wants to help us with the unpacking, but that will take us twice the time it would take us to unpack alone.


Keys to our Rented House in Issaquah

Today had a walk through of the house we rented in Issaquah. The owner handed over the keys to the house. The house looked in a pretty good shape, but it made us miss our own house back in Seattle. I think it dawned on us today that we will not be going back to our house in the near future. Praveen was much more depressed than I was. I was like that my first month in Seattle, but I came to terms with the fact that we will have to live here for a while, and hopefully we will go back in a couple of years. Praveen was so busy all these days that he did not have time to think about all that. Now that we are actually moving, it hit him. I am sure once we get our furniture and we settle down, we will feel differently. As for Ruchi, she seemed to love the new place. She was so excited to see stairs in the house, that it was impossible to stop her from climbing up. We have to install the safety gate soon. That is another disadvantage with rented houses, we have to ask permission for everything. We really miss the comfort and freedom of our own house. Tomorrow is a big day.


Visit to Seattle Zoo

Ruchi is currently at that stage where she is very fascinated by all different kids of animal and the sounds they each make. We found out that there was a zoo in Seattle, close to where we were staying. So we decided to take her there today, one last trip before we left downtown Seattle. We were so glad we made the trip, because Ruchi had a great time. If the animals were close, she would talk to them in her usual baby babble. And if she saw a familiar animal like a monkey or a lion she tried to make the sounds they make. The fact that it was very cold that day, did not seem to bother her at all. The zoo was very small but it had enough display of animals to interest Ruchi. The best, were the giraffes that seemed to be playing peek-a-boo. It was so cute the way they would strut around in a circle, then disappear into the barn. From the barn they would peek outside with just their nose and eyes showing, and then after a minute they would come back again to make another circle. It was perfect. Ruchi was very amused with their antics. We would say peek-a-boo every time the giraffes peeked out. She also got a chance to see the hippos walk out of the water and grunt, an orangutan pick its nose, a chimp eat lettuce, an elephant eat hay and a jaguar yawn right in front of us. She however did not get to see her favorite animal, the tiger. It was sleeping in its den. As for the lion, we got a nice look at it, but it was fast asleep.