Sixteenth Month Photo Session

Today we took Ruchi to Picture People to get her sixteenth month photos as well as some valentine’s day cards. More importantly we wanted to get some pictures of her in her traditional outfit before she outgrew them. Today’s photo shoot ended up being very much similar to her first birthday photo shoot. She was crying most of the time. The lady gave us some alphabet blocks to see if she will stop crying. It worked to an extent, because she really enjoyed playing with the blocks, but she wanted Praveen or me to stay close to her. It was very difficult to get her stay calm for her single shots. As soon as we were done taking pictures, Ruchi was back to her normal self, running around and playing in the photo studio. When the pictures were ready to be viewed we realized Ruchi was having a bad hair day. It also made us realize that it was about time she had a proper haircut.


Ruchi’s Weird Sleeping Habits

We are not exactly sure if Ruchi’s sleeping habit is weird but it most certainly is not normal. Every night when Ruchi sleeps with us, instead of lying flat next to us, she likes to sit up and rest her head on my tummy. That is the only way she falls asleep. It is something she picked up recently. Even if I lay her back flat on the bed after she falls asleep, she wakes up and gets back to that position of resting her head on me, while the rest of her body is on the bed. Another position she seems to prefer is sleeping with her head towards the foot board and her legs towards our heads. We find her in that position at least once every night and we have to turn her around.


Play Date With Ayush

Today after her nap, I took Ruchi over to Bhargavi’s house for her first play date with Ayush. Though both were happy to see each other, they preferred to stick to their respective moms for the first half an hour. After that they became comfortable enough to share books and toys with each other. I am glad we found someone close to Ruchi’s age for a friend, and so close to home.


The Hot Dog Dance

One of Ruchi’s favorite show on television is The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Playhouse Disney. She knows each and every character of the clubhouse and her favorite part is the hot dog dance that the group does at the end of the show. She likes it so much that whenever we ask her to do the hot dog dance, she sways her hands and moves exactly like the characters on the show.


Climbing the day-bed

Since it was snowing outside I could not take Ruchi to meet her playgroup and attend the story time class. So instead we spent the morning playing and reading in Ruchi’s room. While I was arranging the toys in Ruchi’s closet, she decided to get a book that was on the daybed. So she pulled herself up onto the bed, retrieved the book and slid down and brought the book over for me to read. This is the first time she ever climbed that bed on her own. When she saw that I was impressed with her accomplishment, she did it again a couple more times, just to show off.


Mac ‘n’ Cheese for Lunch

To add some variety to Ruchi’s meals, we decided to start introducing her to new types of food. So today we started off with macaroni and cheese. I made her a small bowl full of mac and cheese and set it on her tray. First she picked up one pasta and put it in her mouth. She liked it so much that she finished the entire serving without any fuss. I am glad I did not cut the pasta into small pieces, because she liked the fact that she could pick one or two at a time with her fingers. This is a very good sign. Now was can start trying other varieties of pasta.


A Toddler Bed for Ruchi

Ever since we got back from Virginia, Ruchi did not sleep in her crib. Since she was old enough to to walk around and climb low furniture, we decided it was time to convert the crib into a toddler bed. We hoped that if she could get on and off the bed on her own, she may develop a liking for it. So in the evening, Praveen fished out the missing parts from the garage and converted the bed. As expected, Ruchi was very excited to see that she could get on and off of her bed, without any help. She spent the whole night playing in her room, especially her bed. She even made me read to her while she sat on her bed. I hope she likes it enough to sleep in it as well.


Visit to ISKCON Temple in Issaquah

Finally with the weather clearing up, we were able to go check out the ISKCON temple in Issaquah. We wanted to go to the the temple, ever since we found out about it. We were so excited that it was so close to our house. The temple looked promising from outside, but we were a little disappointed when we entered it. I guess we got so used to the busy South Indian style temples, where you have a deity in every nook and corner, that the emptiness of the North Indian style temple, with deities only on the stage upfront with the rest of the prayer hall empty did not feel very much like a temple. We paid our respects to the god and left. Ruchi who had fallen asleep when we arrived at the temple, was surprised to find herself in a totally new place, when she woke up, while we were in the temple.


Ruchi Joins a Playgroup

Today I took Ruchi to the playgroup organized by the mothers in our colony. Today was the Spanish class. The class was from 9:30 to 11:00 in the morning. When we went in we saw that there were around twenty kids in the room with their moms or nannies. Ruchi was so excited to see the kids. It hardly took her a minute to feel at home. She immediately started playing with the other kids, talking to them in her baby babble. It was good watching her interact with the other kids. The first half an hour was for kids interaction. At ten one of the mothers got up to introduce herself. She was the event organizer, who usually take the Tuesday’s English class. Another lady from Argentina, who lives in our housing complex is in charge of the Spanish class. She made us sing some familiar English songs in Spanish and then read a Spanish book to the kids. It was fun and I was able to pick up a few Spanish words. Bhargavi was there with her son Ayush, and so was another girl named Samrudhi with her son Siddharth, who was ten months. I noticed that the there were very few girls in this playgroup. This is a huge change from Ashburn, where most of Ruchi’s friends were girls. After the class, Ruchi played with the other kids, while I got a chance to chat with Bhargavi, who seems like a very nice girl.


Sliding Under the Safety Gate

The fog was back today. With the exception of the house in front of us, we could not see anything. So obviously, Ruchi could not go to the park. We had to stay home and be content with reading books and playing with her toys. Staying at home did not seem to bother her much. But it sure gave her ideas to try new things, one of which I am not too pleased about. Since it was just the two of us, when I had to work in the kitchen, I closed the safety gate to prevent her from going upstairs. After trying to open the gate on her own, she decided an easier option is to try and slide under the gate. Thankfully after sliding her legs under the gate, she could not figure out how to wiggle her entire body under it, but I know its only a matter of time. Though I know she will not fit under the gate, I just don’t want her to be stuck under it.