My Little Lady

Ruchi’s behavior today at the playgroup was totally different from that on Tuesday. Today, she was very well-behaved. She did not push or shove and she did not snatch toys from anyone. She stuck to whatever toy she picked up in the beginning of the class. She was even willing to share a ball she had with Ayush. But so much for good behavior, at the end of the class Ruchi was bullied by another kid. She was standing at the door and another kid pushed her away because he wanted to be there. Poor Ruchi was shocked for a minute but she found a ball to play with and soon forgot about it.


Word of The Day – Snow

Thanks to today’s snowfall Ruchi learnt the word snow. Since the snowfall was substantial, I took her out to play and she kept repeating the word snow, while playing outside. She had a great time walking and rolling in the snow. Since her hands were too tiny to make snow balls, she stuck to picking up the snow and throwing it on the cemented are where it had already melted away. The weather was very beautiful outside. The snow had accumulated during night and by late morning the sun was out. So it was warm outside. A perfect day to play in the snow. By the time we were done, Ruchi was all wet and dirty from rolling in the snow.


Recognizing Shapes

Since it was pouring outside, Ruchi spent the entire day indoors playing with her toys. The pick of the day was a shape sorter. This toy is a box with various shapes cuts on its lid, with blocks matching those shapes. Ruchi was very excited to see how the blocks slipped into the box when she put them through their matching holes. After she was done, she would remove the lid, empty the box and do it all over again. By the end of the day she figured out that the only way a block would go through the hole was if it was placed in its matching hole. She is even trying to say star, but it sounds more like car.


My Little Bully

Today it was pouring heavily, but since I had to lead the English Rhyme class, I had to attend the playgroup. Praveen dropped us off at the building on his way to work. The class went very smoothly and everyone was very grateful that I took the initiative to do the English rhyme class. After the class, while the kids were playing, I noticed that Ruchi was being a little bully. She has been doing this for the past one week. If she wants a toy that another kid is playing with, she just walks up to them and snatches the toy, and if someone is standing at a place she wants to stand, she gently pushes them away from that place. She isn’t rough, but the fact that she is doing it has me worried. I’ve been trying to tell her that it is wrong to do it. I guess since at home she has no one to share her toys with, she really does not know how to play with others, or get something she wants politely. I am trying to work on it and I hope she learns it soon.


Enjoying Her New Tea Set and Building Blocks

While we were out shopping on Saturday we bought Ruchi a tea set to go with her kitchen set and a set of building blocks. She loved her toys so much, that she has been spending all her free time playing with them. It is so cute watching her trying to make pretend coffee and drinking. When she done with one cup, she changes places at the table and makes her self so fresh pretend coffee in a new cup. At the playgroup, I noticed that Ruchi loved to play with building blocks. So we decided it was time she had her own set. She loves the blocks, but we realized that she enjoys pulling the blocks apart more than putting them together.


Introduction to Fish

After shrimp and chicken, finally it was time to Ruchi to give fish a try. So I bought some Tilapia from the store and made fish curry for her. I mixed two pieces of fish in her rice along with some gravy and fed it for lunch. Either she loved the fish or she must have been very hungry, because she did not complain once during lunch. She ate her entire serving without any fuss.


Finally Ruchi Starts Saying Words

Yesterday Ruchi started off the day by saying the word ‘up’. She lifted her hands and said ‘up’, and then put them down and said ‘da’. She still has to say down, but her up is perfect. She kept saying it the whole day yesterday. I was still on cloud nine, when she surprised us today by saying ‘car’. In the afternoon we got dressed to go out, and as soon as she saw our car in the garage, she pointed out to it and said ‘car’. While we were on the road she kept saying ‘car’ every time a car passed us. On our way home she kept saying ‘tata’ though we were not sure what she meant by that. Now we are eagerly waiting to see what her next word will be.


Climbing Down the Steps

Finally Ruchi figured out how to climb down the stairs safely. For the past few days she has been trying desperately to climb down the stairs without hurting herself, but she did not have much luck. The fact that our stairs are hardwood with no carpet did not help. After many trails she figured out that the safest way to come down is exactly the way she goes up.


Down the Big Kids Slide

Ruchi had a blast today. The weather was beautiful outside, so instead of meeting in our house to play, Bhargavi and I decided to take the kids to the parks. They had a great time playing with the other kids in the park. They played for more than two hours. We had to practically drag them home. Ruchi’s biggest accomplishment was going down the big kids slide. After playing on the toddler slide for half an hour, Ruchi decided that she was ready for the big kids slide. She kept asking me to take her up. So I placed her near the steps, and she climbed to the top and slid down. It was wonderful watching her do everything on her own. After that there was no stopping her, she kept going back up to slide down. She played on it for more than half an hour.


Trying to Climb the Refrigerator

Yesterday when Ruchi was being very naughty, her dad playfully picked her up and put her on the refrigerator and told her that he was punishing her for being naughty. Though it was only for a few minutes, she must have liked being up there, because she spent the whole day today trying to climb the refrigerator. She tried to pull herself up by holding on to the handle of the fridge. My pleas to stop doing it and explanations of how dangerous it was, seemed to have no effect on her.