Learning How to Blow Her Nose

Ruchi is all better now. The fever is totally gone and her cold is better too. The biggest accomplishment with this cold is finally Ruchi figured out how to blow her nose today. With her nose not running anymore, but still being stuffy this proved very helpful. Whenever she felt like blowing her nose, she comes up to me, blows her nose and then asks me to clean it for her. I am so proud of her. Handling her cold this time is definitely much easier than all her previous colds, because now I don’t have to worry about her walking around with a stuffy nose and not being able to clear it on her own.


A Miserable Day for Ruchi

With her cold worsening and a high temperature, poor Ruchi had a miserable day today. She would have been a little better if her nose was not running so much, and if it was not stuffy when she tried to sleep. She could even drink her milk due to her stuffy nose. By evening I thought she was better, because her temperature was back to normal and she was playing again, but by bedtime her temperature was back and her nose was stuffy again. I hope she gets well soon.


Ugadi Lunch at Srini’s Place

Today we went to Srini’s house for lunch. Prachi has grown so much from the last time we saw her. She was adorable. As for Ruchi, she found a playmate in five year old Raghav, Srini’s friend’s son. They had a good time playing with each other, with another girl named Priyanka joining them once in a while. After lunch we went to the grocery store, where Ruchi sat in a kids pushcart, which had a car in front. She enjoyed, pretending to drive the car, which resulted us in completing our shopping quickly. The wonderful day ended sadly with Ruchi getting a fever and cold by bedtime. She must have caught it from one of the kids in yesterday’s photo shoot.


Playing in the Backyard

Today the weather wasn’t too great to go to the park, but it was good enough to play in our backyard. So, after Ruchi woke up from her afternoon nap we went into the backyard and had a great time blowing bubbles and playing with her ball. Ruchi loves bubbles, so while i was blowing bubbles, she ran around the backyard chasing the bubbles, trying to pop them. Since it was very cloudy today the flights were flying very low, so we got to see a few planes flying over our house. It reminded us of our house in Virginia. But the best part of the evening was playing football and throw and catch ball with Ruchi.


Spring Photo Shoot with the Playgroup

Our playgroup coordinator, Christie set up a spring photo shoot for anyone who was interested. Since Christie has a one year old baby, so she set it up in her house. We went a little early, because I wanted to get Ruchi comfortable before the photo shoot. Christie has a slide that she set up in the living room. Ruchi was so happy to see the slide, that she spent most of her time playing on it. She had a wonderful time, until it was her turn to get her picture taken. The moment we went into the room, the photographer had set up, Ruchi started crying. I think it has something to do with the fact that there was a strange woman in the room which was so dark with odd looking things around (the photographer’s kit). It took me a while to calm Ruchi, but she was unwilling to sit for the picture. Thankfully she managed to smile a couple of times through her tears and I hope the photographer was able to capture some of those moments. As soon as we came out of the room, Ruchi was her usual self again, playing with the other kids. Now I have to wait a couple more days to see how the pictures came out.


Watching the Rain Gutter Cleaner

Our house owner, hired a gutter cleaner to clean the rain gutters on our house today. So the man cam over at around ten in the morning to clean our rain gutters. Since the gutters run around circumference of the roof, he had to set up a ladder to climb to the top. We were in our living room, when he started working. Ruchi was so fascinated by the ladder, that she stood at the glass door, leading to our backyard and watched the man work for the entire time he was in our backyard. This was the first time she ever laid eyes on a ladder, so she kept pointing to it, and I told her it was a ladder. So for the entire duration she kept shouting la, la. I am sure the man must have thought that she was shouting at him. I tried to get her away from the door, but she refused to leave.


Ayush and Ruchi Act Like Strangers

Last week Ruchi did not get a chance to play with Ayush, because he was down with a cold and fever. I don’t know if it was the long gap or something else, but Ayush and Ruchi were not as friendly as they were a few days ago. For some reason Ayush was a little aloof. I think it has a lot to do with the depressing weather. As for Ruchi, she did not seem to mind it, she was busy entertaining herself and playing on her own. It was funny because they were fine when sharing a snack at the table and when playing in the play room, but when Ruchi got into the ball-pit with him, Ayush became hysterical. Even yesterday at Ayush’s house, he was not his usual self, and it didn’t help that Ruchi bumped into him two times when she was trying to give him a hug. Maybe we should try to get the kids to meet on a regular basis, so they don’t feel uncomfortable every time they meet.


Dancing on the Ottoman

Due to space limitation in the house we put our swivel chair and ottoman in our guest bedroom. Praveen works in the guest bedroom when he works from home. This is Ruchi’s favorite room too. I guess it has to do with the fact that it is forbidden for her to enter this room without a grown-up. The room is not child-proofed and Ruchi being a very active kid, it can be very dangerous. Besides pulling stuff from shelves, the thing she loves best in this room is to pull the ottoman close to the bed and then climb on it by stepping on the ottoman first. Unfortunately our ottoman is not stable, it is the kind that swivels, and Ruchi loves to stand on it and dance. Basically she loves the way the ottoman rocks when she moves, it is very scary to watch but she loves doing it. Sometimes when we are all in the room, I sit on it to prevent her from standing on the ottoman, but that doesn’t stop her. She uses all her strength trying to push me over and when all else fails she climbs over me and starts tickling me. So we have to keep a very close eye on her whenever she is in the room.


Climbing Windows

Ruchi finally figured out how to get hold of things that are out of her reach. She realized that all she needed was something to elevate her height. So now she drags her chair or her toy box to tables, counter tops or high chairs, stands on the stool and then gets hold of the object. Of all the things that she does, the one thing that scares me is when she pulls her chair to the window to sit on the window sill. She is very careful the way she gets up on the chair, turns around and carefully rests her tush on the window sill. But the fact that she is sitting on the window, is enough to scare me. She does the same thing to sit on her table.


Scraped her Knee for the First Time

Today while giving her a bath, I noticed that Ruchi had a tiny bruise on both her knees. Yesterday after coming back home from the walk, Ruchi wanted to do some walking herself. SO we took her out of the stroller and let her walk on the sidewalk in front of our house. Our street is very inclined and Ruchi sometimes finds it difficult to maintain her balance. She must have scraped her knees when she fell down a couple of times. I am just glad that it does not bother her.