Back At Nanamma and Tata’s House

Today Aunty called to inform me that Uncle was still not back from Bobbili. She asked if I could come in an auto-rickshaw. Just as I was getting ready to leave, it started raining very heavily. So we had to postpone,our trip to evening. When we went over in the evening, Uncle had just arrived from Bobbilli. Ruchi was much more comfortable in Aunty’s house this time, though she felt a little strange seeing her two grandpas in the same room at the same time. Aunty made Ruchi’s favorite snack (Karam poosa), which she relished.


Sanvi and Ruchi Become Best Buddies

It is so heart-warming watching Sanvi and Ruchi’s friendship develop right in front of our eyes. Their affection for each other is so obvious and genuine. Now Ruchi wants to do whatever Sanvi does and vice-versa. They take turns to ride the scooter, and they also take turns to push each other in the stroller. With Suja, Jeeju and Eshitha gone, they found more time to spend with each other today. They ate, played, slept and even got haircuts together. This was the first time that Ruchi did not cry while getting a haircut.


Exploring Grandpa’s House

Ever since we arrived the house was always filled with people, basically mom, dad, grandma, Suja , jeeju and their kids, and uncles and cousins who kept coming and going. To Kiran and Aunty came to pay us a visit. Ruchi who is still getting used to so many people around, stuck to my side until they left. Suja and Mom decided to go pay a visit to Abhi and her kid. With Grandma retiring for a nap and Daddy stepping out, Ruchi and I were literally alone in the house for the first time. She was so excited to to see the house empty, that she went from room to room, exploring every single corner of the house. She loved the empty house, because after she was done exploring, she just kept running from room to room.


Curious Ruchi

Suja had to go to work today, but Ruchi had fun with her cousins Eshitha and Sanvi. She finally figured out how to ride their battery operated bike. In the evening, one of my cousin’s came to visit us. It was very funny the way Ruchi reacted to his arrival. Since it was very late when he arrived, he went to my dad’s room to change and then talk to my dad. Ruchi was so curious about him that she picked up a pamphlet lying around and walked by the door, checking out my cousin from the corner of her eyes. She kept going back and forth near the door so many times with that sly look, that everyone was literally rolling over the floor laughing.


Leaving Ruchi With Grandparents For the First Time

Today my uncle called to inform us that my cousin Abhinaya gave birth to a bay girl. I did not want to take Ruchi to the hospital, so when she was taking her afternoon nap, I went with my brother-in-law Ravi to pay a visit to Abhi and her newborn baby. I was restless all through the trip but luckily I was back before she woke up from her nap, so she did not even know that I left.


Too Excited to Eat

Today Mom and Dad went to Steel Plant hospital for a checkup. On their way home, they brought Sanvi with them. Ruchi was very excited to see Sanvi. The cousins had a great time playing with each other. The only downside was that both of them were too excited to eat. Ruchi seems to have a substantial drop in appetite. But I was surprised to see her eat six Parle-G biscuits. That’s a record for Ruchi.


Closing Her Eyes While Taking a Bath

Finally Ruchi figured out how to close her eyes while I pour water on her head while taking a bath. Until now I used to place my hand on her forehead to prevent the water from entering her eyes. Now she uses her hands to shade her eyes, so the amount of water falling on her face is reduced. Now I can use both my hands to shampoo and wash her hair properly.


At Rajini’s Engagement

Today Ruchi and I accompanied my parents and sister to my cousin Rajini’s engagement. Ruchi was very excited to dress up like Esh and Sanvi. All three cousins wore the pretty dresses that Suja bought for them on Sanvi’s first birthday. They all looked very cute. At the party the three cousins were the center of attraction. They had a wonderful time, especially Sanvi and Ruchi who were fascinated by the crows perched on electrical wires and tops of buildings. Many of my relatives were surprised to see me, they did not know that I was in India. It was great because all of them got to meet Ruchi.


Heat and Exhaustion Catches Up With Ruchi

After braving the hot +40 C temperatures in Vizag for four days, the heat and exhaustion finally caught up with Ruchi today. Since it was very hot inside the house, I decided to take Ruchi up to the terrace, to get some fresh air. As soon as we stepped out of the house, Ruchi threw up. This was the first time she threw up, since we landed in India. At first I was worried, but after some time, I felt glad she threw up, because she felt better after that. After giving her a bath, I took her to the terrace and the fresh air, helped her very much. She was in no mood to have dinner, so after feeding her a few spoonfuls, I let her go to bed.