The Most Beautiful Park in the Highlands

Today, while we were on our usual early morning parks, Sasmita proposed that we walk around the pond, at the beginning of Issaquah highlands. Mona and I have walked around that pond a couple of times before, but that was before the flowers had blossomed. Sasmita, told us that the park looked much more beautiful now, and she was right. There were poppies all around the pond and it looked amazing. So later in the morning, I decided to take Ruchi to the pond after our playgroup. Bhargavi, offered to go with me. The walk down was great and as expected Ruchi loved the pond and the flowers. She had a great time running on the small bridge near the park, and watching the water trickle from the small waterfall, while bhargavi and I found a shady place to sit and relax. Ruchi was overjoyed when she saw some geese (around a dozen) cirlce the pond to gently land in the water. Since the flowers were so beautiful, I plucked one and gave it to Ruchi to hold. She surprised me by pretending to smell the flower. She kept doing that for quite some time. She did not let go of the flower until we came back home. As much as we enjoyed our couple of hours by the pond, we did not enjoy our walk back home. It was very hot, and walking uphill in the heat was not an easy task. The fact that our cold water had become warm due to the heat did not help.