Shopping in Mumbai

Since I had to buy a few dresses for myself, Murali offered to take us shopping today. Ruchi was very excited to step out of the house. She seems to enjoy the car rides in India very much. I guess it has to do with the busy roads and not having to sit in a car seat. Now I know why Sari loves to go shopping. The selection and stores in Mumbai are incredible. Sari took me to a store called Ethinicity, which was wonderful. Later we stepped into another store called Big Bazaar. It was so noisy and chaotic in there, that i wowed never to go into another Big Bazaar again. Luckily Ruchi was fast asleep, if not she would have thrown a tantrum. We stopped at a couple more other stores like Fab-India and Lifestyle, before heading home. I wish I had more time to shop in Mumbai. Ruchi woke up just in time to enjoy our ride back home in the car.


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