Praveen and Ruchi Still Sick

Ruchi and Praveen still not showing any signs of recovering. And whats worse, Ruchi refuses to eat anything. I started giving her some medicine today. In the evening there was a power failure due to a severe thunderstorm. After the rain stopped, we went up to the terrace and enjoyed some cool breeze. Satish anna, Sushen, Harshu and Poornima akka left today.


Playing with Cousins

Everyone was still down with dehydration. Ruchi threw up in the morning and later suffered from diarhea. Same was the case with Praveen, Srinivas and many other relatives. We could not go to chinnari’s in-laws house due to Ruchi’s upset tummy. But Ruchi ended up having a great time with her cousins. It was fun watching her play with Sniggy, Abhi, Sushen, Kaushik, Dimpy and Harshu. Ved and Dippu left today.


The Heat Gets to Everyone

Today was Chinnari’s wedding. The wedding was beautiful. But it was in a non-AC room on one of the hottest days. By the end of the wedding most of the children and some grownups were dehydrated. Abhi, Praveen, Srinivas and Ruchi were sick by evening. Ruchi hardly ate anything all day. I hope they all feel better soon. By evening everyone started leaving (going back to their own places). It was sad that after having such a wonderful time all these day, that they all were down on the day they had to say goodbye to each other.


Fun At The Beach With Cousins

As is tradition in Praveen’s Family, whenever they have family gatherings, today all the young parents and their kids went to the beach. It was fun going out in such a big group. The kids had a blast playing in the sand and water. Ruchi was so excited that she wanted to go further into the water. It was the perfect way to spend a hot sunny day.


Praveen is Here

I was surprised that both Ruchi and I were up early in the morning and managed to get dressed to attend Chinnari’s function on time. Abhi and Sniggy had arrived last night and I was really looking forward for Ruchi to meet them. Abhi and Sniggy were a little shy at first but slowly they warmed up to us. As for Ruchi she was very excited to see so many kids around. Midway through the function, Praveen arrived. When Ruchi saw Praveen, she hugged him tightly and did not let go of him for half an hour. She just held him tightly with tears rolling down her eyes. We did not realize until then, how much she had missed her dad. I had a lump in my throat watching the two of them.


At Rajini’s Wedding

Since Rajini’s wedding was in the outskirts of the city and at night, Dad rented a car for us for the tip. Though it was a little hot and stuffy Ruchi had a great time at the wedding. This was the first time she was attending a wedding and that to an outdoor one, where she is free to run about. Added to that having Esh and Sanvi to play with, she couldn’t have asked for more. She was quite exhausted by the time we reached home that she went straight to bed. I hope we can wake up and go to Aunty’s house in time for Chinnari’s function.


A Mosquito Net for Ruchi

New acquaintances of the day for Ruchi were Pappu and Bobby, who arrived from US. Though she met Bobby when she was kid, she hadn’t seen him in a while so he was new to her. Seeing everyone dropping in for the wedding, is making us miss Praveen much more. We are eagerly waiting for his arrival. Ruchi is really enjoying her stay here. She is becoming friendly with Pappu, bobby and everyone around. She will miss everyone when we go back. Finally we put up the mosquito net. It feels good not to be bitten by mosquitoes anymore. Ruchi had fresh squeezed orange juice for the first time today at Baby Aunty’s house. I think she liked it, because she finished all the juice in her cup.


Meeting New People Everyday

As Chinnari’s wedding approaches, Ruchi is meeting more and more new people every day. Today Rajashekhar, the groom, visited Baby Aunty’s place for the first time. Ruchi being the only kid in the house had a great time entertaining the guests. Later we went to Girish anna’s house in the evening, where Ruchi had a blast eating homemade pakoda and playing with Kaushik who was recovering from a fever. Ruchi greatest accomplishment of the day was finishing an entire banana on her own.


Accompanying Nanamma

Today Ruchi had a great time playing with a new bubble maker toy that uncle had bought. Since aunty had to go help in card distribution I made lunch that everyone loved. Later in the evening Ruchi accompanied aunty for the last round of distribution. I was very surprised when she willingly said goodbye to me and took off with Aunty. Aunty said that she had a wonderful time and did not ask for me at all. She had the best time in Padma pinni’s house entertaining everyone around her.


Feeling At Home in Nanamma’s House

Ruchi is much more comfortable and free in aunty ‘s house this time. The only unfortunate happening was that some Mosquitoes have bitten Ruchi in five different places on her face. They seem to bother her a lot and the red rashes only seem to increase. Uncle is back from Bangalore and brought some of Abhi and Sniggy’s toys and books for the school. Ruchi had a great time playing with them and going through the books, which were mostly tales from the Panchatantra. Ruchi loves any book that has animals in them.