Ruchi Starts Pre-School

I can’t believe we did it, but we actually summed up courage to enroll Ruchi in a pre-school program. My friend Mona just started a pre-school program for kids between the ages of 2-4 years. Its three days a week, for three hours a day. We thought this would be a good way to get Ruchi started. Since she already knew Mona and her daughter Vanya, the transition will be easier for her. Today was a warm-up, class where each student went over for one hour for some one-one time with Mona. The purpose was to familiarize them with the new environment, before they started full time with the other kids next week. For the first half an hour, that I was there Ruchi, came looking for me every few minutes. If she did not find me, she got upset. But after half an hour, thanks to some distraction from Mona, she became very comfortable and had a great time. Since she was the last kid on schedule, she spent an extra hour playing with Mona and her kids. We are so glad we decided to send her, I am sure she will have a great time interacting and learning with other kids.


Picnic With Ruchi’s Friends

It was a beautiful day outside, so we friends decided to have a picnic. We had to take advantage of the warm days, before winter sets in. We all decided to meet at central park at around 11:00 a.m. It was a perfect day for a picnic and the kids had a wonderful time playing with each other. Nikki and Vanshikha, Riya and Vanya’s elder sisters, did a great job of entertaining the younger kids. After spending nearly three hours eating and playing, the kids were not ready to come back home. To top it off, we girls decided to have a ladies night out. So we left the kids with their dads and we took of to Agave, a mexican restaurant for dinner. That was a perfect ending to a beautiful day.


Fun at Amazon Picnic

Finally with our cold and fever almost in check, we ventured out of the house. Today, Praveen’s company Amazon was hosting a picnic and we decided to attend it. The picnic was on a beautiful hillside meadow, in North Bend. There was plenty of food to eat and games to play. Ruchi had a wonderful time just running around, going on a train ride, and playing in doll houses. It was wonderful seeing her enjoy the outdoors. We should venture out more, before winter rolls in.


Time to Say Goodbye

Finally the day to leave has arrived and we still did not buy a single item, we wanted to take back with us. Most of Praveen’s day went into helping his cousin with his college application. At around three in the afternoon, Praveen went to the store to pick up items from the list I made. After he came back, we packed our bags and then it was time to leave. I gave Ruchi some Paracetamol to keep her fever in check. We had mixed feelings going to the airport. On one hand I felt I had a good vacation of two months and was ready to go back home, on the other hand we have become so used to having all our loved ones around us, that we did not want the fun two months to end. As for Ruchi, she had no idea what was happening. She was very excited to be at the airport. She was running around the airport, while we waited for our long trip home.


What A Terrible Day

Since Ruchi was still warm from her fever, we decided to take her to see one of Praveen’s dad who is a pediatrician. We were a little worried if she had the swine flu. But it turned out to be a normal viral infection that might take one more week to recover. after the visit we decided to go shopping, but on our way to the mall, our car broke-down. Luckily it stopped in front of a clothing store, so I went in bought a couple of presents, while Praveen called for help. Praveen’s Madhu Anna came and inspected and found that the radiator was leaking. So we filled it with water and drove back home. But the car kept stalling ever few kilometers. Suja was coming with her family to say a final goodbye to Ruchi and me. So when the car finally stalled, we called them to pick us up. I left with Suja while Praveen stayed with a car. Luckily the car started again after some time and he made it home. It was wonderful having the kids over, but poor Sanvi started crying when it was time to leave. She wanted Ruchi to go with her.


Time To Pack

With two more days to go, before we take off, it was about time we started packing. We still had a lot of shopping to do, but with Praveen being busy helping his cousin apply for engineering colleges and Ruchi still down with a bad cold and slight fever, we just had to put it off for later. Inspite of not feeling too great, she still had a wonderful time playing around the house.


Last night in Ammamma’s House

Ruchi got to spend one last Sunday with Sanvi and Eshitha today. Ruchi has become so used to both her grandparents houses and they people living in them, that I am sure, she will miss having people around when we are back in US. It was so cute watching Esh and Ruchi lying down on the bed, while Esh told Ruchi a story. The mutual love and admiration the three have for each other is so obvious.


Abhi and Sniggy Leave For Bangalore

Ruchi is still sick. Since she has been throwing up, I washed all her clothes in dettol today. With everyone going back home, it was time for Abhi and Sniggy to leave too. Ruchi wanted to go with her dad to the station. Praveen could not take her, because she was still sick. She threw a tantrum after they left and it was very hard to control her. We went to my mom’s house tonight