First Science Project

Today Ruchi did her science project in class. They were learning about plants and flowers, so they went into the garden, picked up a few leaves, grass and flowers, and stuck them on a paper. She was so proud of her work, that she couldn’t wait to show it to me when I went to pick her up.


Fun in Lake Sammamish State Park

Today, for a change we decided to go to Lake Sammamish State Park for a walk. The park is only a few of miles away from where we live. We were so glad we drove those few miles to go there, instead of walk around our neighborhood, because it was a beautiful lake side park and Ruchi had a wonderful time playing there. We lived in Issaquah for nearly a year and we did not check out one of the coolest parks so close to home. We decided we will try to go there more often. Ruchi loved watching the ducks swimming/walking on the beach. She used to go close to them and then start walking back saying “come duck come”. She expected the ducks to follow her but the ducks were too busy doing whatever it was that they were doing. But Ruchi was never tired of repeating it for a while. Later she got distracted by a para-sail nearby. The gentleman was just done and was back on land getting ready to pack up. She ran across the beach towards him. After checking out the para-sail she ran around for some time and then decided to throw stones into the water. Every time she succeeded in throwing a stone into the water, she complimented herself by saying ‘good job’.


Ashtami Puja in Mona’s House

Today Mona invited us over to her place for Ashtami Puja. This was my first time attending the Ashtami puja. I realized today that the puja is done for little girls and in the end, the women seek blessings from the girls (who are believed to be Lakshmi Devi), by touching their feet. It was wonderful seeing all the girls dressed up in their traditional outfits. Ruchi had such a great time that she did not want to come back home.


Good Job, Good Job

‘Good Job, Good Job’ – These are the words Ruchi loves to use to compliment anyone, including herself. She loves saying it so much that she actually says it atleast ten to twenty times every day. The other day I picked up a Curious George story book to read to her. She was so happy with my selection of the book that she patted my shoulders and said, “Good job Amma, good job”. After she is done eating, she applauds herself by saying, “Good job Papa, good job”. Her teacher told me that whenever they are done with their song time, Ruchi claps and says ‘Aunty good job”. Praveen and I are never tired of hearing her compliment us all day. Whether we are giving her a bath, sitting with her in the bathroom while she goes to the potty, read or sing to her, cleaning the house, or feeding her, she never forget to say good job Daddy/Amma, when we are done.


First Craft in Playschool

As part of arts and crafts, Ruchi’s been learning how to color and make simple art in school. Today her teacher taught all the kids to make Maracas out of paper plates and beans. Ruchi was so proud for her Maraca that she held on to it tightly while we walked home, and did not let go off it until late at night. She loved the sound it made when she shook it. Though she has the real maracas (that we bought for her some time ago), she preferred playing with her own hand-made maracas.


Enjoying Chicken

Finally, Ruchi is showing some interest in chicken. Earlier, whenever we gave her a piece of chicken, she would take a bite or two and then refuse to eat the rest. Since we did not want to force it, we stopped giving it to her. Last week we decided it was about time we gave it another try. So we bought some breaded chicken breasts and gave them to her. She loved the taste so much, that she finished it in one sitting and asked for another. Now she has at least one piece a day. The only thing that bothers her is that it messes her hand every time she touches it. So, she makes sure that I place a napkin next to her, so she can clean her hand and mouth after every bite.


Reya’s Birthday Party at Kids Quest

Today is Reya’s second birthday. Sasmitha and Pradeep were celebrating her birthday in Kids Quest. This was Ruchi’s first visit to kids quest. We arrived a little earlier than the others to the party, so Ruchi had plenty of time to play with the exhibits before the party. The party started nearly an hour after we arrived, but by then Ruchi was so lost in the exhibits, she did not want to attend the party anymore. I had to forcibly pick her up and take her to the party room. Once we were there she was happy to see some of her friends, but she wanted to go back out. I had to close the door, so she could stay in. Once she saw that the door was closed, she was ready to enjoy the party. She sat down and asked for some fruit, so I brought her a few pieces of cantaloupe which she enjoyed along with some vegetable chips. As usual she wasn’t too keen on eating the cake, but she enjoyed a piece of pizza. As soon as the doors were opened, she ran off like a shot. I had to bring her back, explain to her that she needs to pose for a picture. She very sweetly stood patiently while they took a few pictures of the kids, and when they were done, I allowed her to play for another hour, before bringing her back home. She had such a great time discovering how things work, that I think this is a perfect place to bring her during the winter, when the weather is too bad for the park.


Playdate for Ruchi’s Friends

Today was my turn to host a playdate for Ruchi’s friends. As always, Ruchi was very excited to see all her friends come over to our place to play with her. The kids had a wonderful time playing with Ruchi’s animal balloons (that we bought for her birthday). Luckily there was one for each. Though the kids tried to play with each other, Ruchi and Vanya usually paired of to play on their own. It was so cute watching them hold hands and take off to a corner of the room to talk or just goof off.


Praveen Off to SFO for the Day

Praveen had to go to SFO for a day today. He left early in the morning and was back by night. Though he was gone just for a day, it was strange not having him around when we woke up in the morning. Ruchi went to school as usual and was back by noon. She is enjoying her school very much, and I am so glad that she is getting to spend time with the other kids, without my presence. By late evening she noticed that her dad was still not home, so she stayed up until he arrived. She was so excited when he opened the door at around eleven, that she ran to the door to meet him.


Second Year Doctor’s Appointment

Today was Ruchi’s two year well checkup. Due to some confusion we ended up with a new doctor. This was the first time that a male doctor was checking Ruchi. He was very nice and patient with her. And surprisingly he was the first doctor that Ruchi was very comfortable with. Up until now, every time we visited the doctor’s office, Ruchi would start crying the moment the doctor entered the room. But with this doctor she continued playing while I talked to him. She was calm even when he was checking her. The only time she cried was when the nurse gave her two shots, but that lasted only for a few seconds. Overall this was one of the best visit I had. As for Ruchi’s stats, her weight is 25lbs and height is 34.5 inches.