Ruchi Enjoys Her First Magic

Today is Ruchi’s friend Saanvi’s first birthday. So we went to her party. After a good night’s sleep, Ruchi forgot about the black shoes from the store, and was more than happy to wear her new brown pair to the party. Now that Ruchi understands the concept of parties, she was very excited from the moment we entered the party hall. She had a wonderful time playing with the balloons. She was very happy when her friend Ayush showed up. The most exciting part of the party was the magic show, Saanvi’s parents arranged for the kids. Praveen and I were very surprised to see how involved Ruchi was for the entire duration of the show. This wasn’t really her first magic show, but the last time we took her she was around five months old, and hardly understood anything. This time it was different. Every time the magician asked for a volunteer, she would raise her hand. Unfortunately the magician only wanted kids four and above. Everyone at the party were very amused to see Ruchi get so excited when each trick was performed. She had such a great time at the party, that even after four hours, she was still not ready to go home.