Story Telling

To practice her newly acquired verbal skills, Ruchi started repeating the stories we’ve been reading to her. It is so cute listening to her trying to recollect all events in the story. Her favorite place for story telling is when she is sitting on her potty. The first story she ever told was her all time favorite, The Lion King. But now she is going through a Shri Krishna phase. For some reason she is very fascinated by the Shri Krishna comic book. She wants me to read it to her every night before going to bed. It works out great for me, because she usually falls asleep by the time I get to the end of the book. Today she surprised me by telling me bits and pieces from the story. Her favorite part is when he jumps into the water to fight Kaliya, the snake. When I took the book out to read to her, she flipped the book to the Kaliya page and said, “climb tree, come back, jump, fall down, swim, fight snake, dance on snake” (I know she tries to refer to the characters by their names but right now those pronunciations are not clear). Basically what it means is Krishna climbs the tree, Balrama calls out “Krishna, come back”, but Krishna jumps into the water an swims towards Kaliya. He fights the snake and tames it. People see Krishna dancing on the hood of a meek Kaliya. Its amazing how she does not miss a single block. She gets so excited when she tells a story and for some reason every character in her stories must fall down at least once.