Walking Around in Her Monkey Costume

When we bought her monkey costume of Saturday, we were not a 100% sure if we made the right choice. Ruchi being a girl, our first choice was obviously a princess or a fairy costume, but when we saw how common those costumes were, and how every girl over the age of five wants to have one we decided it was not the right time for those costumes. Of all the animal costumes we saw, we loved the monkey costume the best. Bust our fear of how it might look on Ruchi were put to rest, when Ruchi picked up the dress today and told us that she wanted to wear it. Since we wanted to see how it looked on her, we decided to try it on. She looked so adorable in it, that we immediately knew, we made the right choice. Contrary to our fear that she might not like to wear it for a long time, she loved the costume so much that she wore it for the entire evening.