Pre-Halloween Party

Since my friends Mona’s mom was leaving in a few days, we decided to have a pre-Halloween party for the kids, so Aunty could see them all dressed up in their costumes. I was very excited that Ruchi will get to show-off her cute monkey costume to everyone. Sadly, for some reason, Ruchi was in no mood to wear the costume to the party. She wanted to wear one of her regular outfits. I gave-in thinking that she would change her mind once we got to the party. Sadly, Ruchi was just not in the mood to wear it, so there she was at a Halloween costume, in her regular play clothes, while the remaining 25 kids were in costume. She did eventually change her mind and decided to wear the costume, unfortunately we were home by then. So she spent the rest of the evening running around in her costume at home (none of her friends got to see her in it). Maybe I will have better luck on Halloween day.