A Visit to Seattle Museum of Flight

Since we did not have much to do today, and the weather was too wet for an outdoor activity, we decided to go check out the Seattle Museum of Flight. Since I have been to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum many time, I wasn’t expecting to see anything new here. We were going, because we knew Ruchi would enjoy it. Half and hour into our museum tour, I knew that if I hadn’t come her, I would have missed out on some fabulous displays. I loved the fact that you could walk into some of the aircraft like concord and Air Force One, to check out the insides (something you couldn’t do in the Smithsonian Museum). I also loved the wonder flight simulation video games set up for the kids, and a few aircraft that the kids could sit in and play. Ruchi loved sitting in the aircraft, but it as impossible to get her out. It was embarrassing picking her up from the cockpit, while she was kicking and screaming. In the museum, she wanted to go and play with all the displays, when we told her she couldn’t do it, she was upset and at one point, even rolled on the floor to protest. I hope its just a phase that she will grow out of soon, but if this continues, Praveen and I have our work cut out for us. Later in the evening, we performed our Diwali puja, which is always fun, though Ruchi was too tired and sleepy to enjoy fully.