In Search of Fall Foilage

Where ever we went in the city we could see the beautiful fall colors of the leaves on the trees. Since we are surrounded by beautiful mountains, we thought that the foilage on the mountains would be as spectacular as the foilage in Shenandoah Valley (in VA). Since it wasn’t raining today we decided to drive into the mountains to check them out. What we did not realize was that the mountains in Northern washington have more pine trees than trees that actually shed leaves. So after driving for miles, and not seeing a single mountain with substantial foilage, we just turned around and decided to go see the Snoqualmie Falls. The falls were beautiful and Ruchi was very excited to see the gushing water. We were also happy to see some very beautiful foilage. Near the falls, Ruchi saw a squirrel. She was so excited to see the squirrel, that she followed it for a while and watched it eat a pine cone. When it was done, we turned to walk back to the car. This required climbing a flight of steps and crossing a bridge. Ruchi insisted that she wanted to climb the steps on her own, and she did. This is the first time that she ever climbed steps in an outdoor public all on her own.