First Trip to The Fire Station

Today after our IH playgroup, the firemen at the fire station offered to give us a tour of the fire station. Not to mention all the moms and the kids were very excited. The tour of the fire station itself was not very exciting (they don’t have to sliding poles in the new fire stations), but the fire trucks were cool. Ruchi was a little restless, while I followed the group from room to room, listening to the fireman explain what they do in each room. When we were done with the building he led us the the bay where they kept the fire trucks. As soon as we entered this area, Ruchi’s eyes lit up and she was off like a shot to examine the trucks up close. She had a great time running around the truck and ambulance checking out all its details. At the end, she got a fire man sticker, which she proudly wore on her jacket and a card which she carried with her.