Five Wonderful Years

I want to say the usual dialogues of ‘I can’t believe its been five years’ but I have to admit that so many wonderful things have happened in the past five years that I feel like we got married a lifetime ago. Though I can still remember very clearly every detail of my wedding, it still feels like that was a long time ago. I feel it has more to do with Ruchi being in our life. Before Ruchi our life was satisfying, now it is fulfilling. And I loved every day of my five years with Praveen. To celebrate, I baked our favorite pastry cake and created an album, showing our five years together. Today, instead of doing something different, we decided to do our favorite things, like go to our favorite restaurant, eat our favorite food, etc. Praveen booked us a trip to Victoria over the weekend. That will be a perfect way to celebrate our five years together.