Countdown to Leave NW Washington has Begun

Last night Praveen surprised me by bringing me a bouquet of roses and a balloon. As planned we had dinner PF Chang’s. I fed Ruchi a light meal before we went to dinner, so she was very well-behaved and had a wonderful time playing with chopsticks and trying the rice.
Earlier this week Praveen turned in his resignation at Amazon. A few weeks ago he got a job offer offer from Paypal. After some serious thought we decided to accept the offer (Praveen was interested in the type of work he would be doing for Paypal, and it was Bayarea, Praveen’s first love). Though we were excited about the new job, we were sad that Ruchi will be missing all her friends here in Issaquah and her school, that she loves so much. We are so well-settled here, with great friends and a very beautiful community. We know for a fact that it is impossible to find a community like this in Bayarea. We have a few old friends there, but Ruchi will have to start from scratch making new friends. Even friends from my playgroup were saddened by our news. When we moved here last year, we never thought that we would make such good friends and feel so very at home here. Hopefully we will feel the same way about SFO in a year.