Boat Ride to Victoria

After talking about it for a year, we finally made it to Victoria, Canada. It is a must see place for anyone visiting Seattle. We wanted to go for a while, but for some reason it never worked out. We took the Clippers cruise from Seattle. The boat ride was wonderful. It was fun waking up early in the morning, to get ready for the boat. It reminded me of my childhood vacations when we used to wake up early to catch an early morning bus to my Grandma’s place. Even Ruchi was wide awake, and she was very excited to see the big boat. We got a window seat and the almost three hour ride was very comfortable. In Victoria there was a tour bus waiting for us, to take us around the city to show us the sights. Victoria is a very nice place, and the Butchart Gardens were very beautiful. Even though it was not spring, the fall foliage was so bright that it looked just like spring. Ruchi was so excited, she wanted to get off the stroller to walk by herself. But the gardens were so extensive that we could not let her out till we reached the end of the gardens. We felt very guilty for strapping her in the stroller, but we knew she would hurt herself running around the slopes in the garden. Later we checked into our hotel, to refresh. Ruchi loved the single seat sofa in the hotel room. She claimed it as hers. She sat in it for the entire duration of our stay in the room. Later we went to walk around the streets. We let Ruchi out in one of the small parks, where she had a wonderful time walking around the benches. People passing by were so fascinated by her, that one of the tourists even asked us if she could take a picture with Ruchi.