Craigdarroch Castle

Since the weather was not as beautiful as yesterday, most of our sight-seeing was limited to indoor viewing. Though it did not rain very heavily, their was a constant drizzle all day long. One of the must-see attractions in Victoria is Craigdarroch Castle, a 19th century mansion built by Robert Dunsmuir the richest man in western Canada. In those days, people built big houses to showoff their wealth. This was a very beautiful castle overlooking the city of Victoria. Ruchi loved the tour of the castle. She enjoyed climbing the stairs, and running across the dance halls. After the tour of the castle we walked back to the city center. After taking a few pictures in front of the Legislative building, Inner Harbor, and the Empress Hotel, we walked in the BC museum. In the museum hallway, they had sofas set up for tourists to relax. In the middle there was a huge screen showing a five-minute movie about British Columbia every fifteen minutes, and on the other side was a display of the front of the Helmcken House. It is a 19th century house, and the oldest house in BC still located in its original site. The house was located behind the museum but this display, which was a painting of the front of the house with a real porch was set in the middle of the museum. Ruchi loved this place so much, that she played on the porch for a couple of hours. There were other Canadian girls there, who had a great time playing with Ruchi. Ruchi ran after them calling Akka. Since Ruchi did not want to go from there, we decided to just sit and relax. So we bought some pop-corn and sat down for a few hours. When it was time to catch our boat, we walked out to see the totem pole exhibit, in Thunderbird Park, and then walked to the Harbour.