Tragedy Strikes My IPhone

Yesterday in Victoria, when I was taking the camera out of the backpack, my IPhone fell down. Since it was still in its cover, I did not bother to check and see if anything had happened to it. On the way home, in the boat, I took out my IPhone to check my emails. When I tried to turn it on, I realized that my phone had incurred a small dent near the power button. That dent was more than enough to kill my phone. It would not turn on. Today we took the phone to the Apple store, to learn that the first generation IPhones cannot be opened up. So any damage to the aluminum casing meant that it was time for a new phone. Thankfully we have only one month contract left on the phone. But still it is painful just thinking about how we may never get to use the phone again. Later at night, Praveen went online to see if he could repair it, and found someone selling a replacement back cover for the phone. He ordered the piece, now we have to see if we can fix it. No IPhone means, no more taking pictures of Ruchi, when we are out together. After so many years, not having a cellphone feels very odd.