Ruchi Pays Me the Biggest Compliment

Today I baked cupcakes to give as trick or treats for our playgroup Halloween party tomorrow. Like me Ruchi is not a big fan of sweets. Usually if she sees something tempting, she takes a bite and then when she finds out it is sweet tasting she gives it back. As always she was very excited when I was baking the cupcakes. She likes to sit and watch them cook in the oven (she does that whenever I use the oven for baking). When the cakes were done she could not wait to taste them. After they cooled down, I gave her a cake, expecting her to take a bite and return it to me. I was very surprised when she ate that, and then asked for another. During the span of the evening she ate three cupcakes. I was so happy to see how much she loved them. For someone who doesn’t eat sweets, the way she was eating the cupcakes, I couldn’t have gotten a bigger compliment. The only downside was that like Elaine in Seinfeld, Ruchi likes to eat only the top of the cupcake. When she is done with the top, she hands over the soft bottom half to either of us, and goes for a second round.