Escalator Rides

Every time we go to the mall, Ruchi wants to ride the escalator. She likes them so much, that she wants to ride them all the time. Today we had to go to sears to return something we ordered online. While at the store, Ruchi and I played in the shoe section while Praveen checked out shirts for himself. The shoe section was cut off from the rest of the displays. It had three benches placed next to each other and Ruchi had a great time climbing them and jumping from one bench to the next. When Praveen was done, we went to check out, when Ruchi noticed the escalators. So obviously there was no escape for us. After riding the escalator over ten times, Praveen finally was able to distract her by setting her in a lawn-mower, which she pretended to drive thinking it was a car. Later while we were in grocery store, she continued her game by choosing to ride a car shaped shopping cart.