First Trick or Treat

Today is the first Halloween that Ruchi ever got to celebrate since she was born. The first year she was only one month old, the second year we had just moved to Seattle. This year was perfect, she got to attend two Halloween parties and today she even had a chance to go trick or treating. Ruchi was very excited to wear her costume today. We waited till it was dark to go out trick or treating. At around six, kids started knocking on our door for candies. Ruchi was very excited every time the doorbell rang. She ran to the door, and was very happy to put candy in their bags. She said bye-bye to every kid without fail. At around seven, we left a bowl of candies for kids outside our door, and we went trick or treating with Ruchi. She was very excited to be on the receiving end, though she was a little confused why people instead of inviting us in, closed the door after giving her candy. According to her, when we ring the bell people open the door to let us in (atleast that is what she is used to). She figured out the routine after going to a couple of houses. But since it was a little wet, we just went to a few houses and then headed back home. Later, Ruchi’s friend Ayush came over and they played for a while. It was a wonderful day, and Ruchi had a great time handing out candies to kids until 9 p.m.