New Year’s Eve Party with Siddharth

Today Mahesh and Shyamala invited us for New year’s eve dinner. So in the morning I told Ruchi that we were going to bake some cup-cakes to take for Siddharth. She was so excited that she kept saying the whole day, Papa give cupcake to Siddhu, papa play with Siddhu bike. Even while I was baking she kept asking if Siddhu’s cupcakes were done. As soon as we entered their house, the two of them took off together. They had a great time playing together. For the amount of food they eat, I wonder where they get all that energy from. They were playing non-stop till 12:30 a.m. It was fun watching them laugh so wholeheartedly at every silly thing they said or did.


Discovering Chess, Poker and Pictionary – All in One Day

Today Kiran and Rupa invited us over for dinner. So after another exhausting day of unpacking and cleaning, we went over to their place for a relaxing dinner. Ruchi was very excited to step out of the house. She was even more excited to see that we did not have to get into the car to go to their place. Once inside the house, she took a few minutes to get used to the surroundings. Once she was comfortable there was no stopping her. First she played with the chess set that was on the coffee table. She had fun placing the pieces in the blocks and then placing them back in their slots. Later she went upstairs with Rupa and brought down poker and pictionary set. She spent the rest of the evening playing with the poker chips and scribbling on the pictionary pad. She loved the fact that she could run around in their house, especially since she hasn’t been able to do that for the past few days, due to all the boxes in our house.


Chips, Salsa and Quesadilla – Ruchi Sure Loves Mexican Food

Since we were nowhere near to finishing our unpacking, we decided to go out for dinner. After a very long day of unpacking and cleaning we stopped in Walmart to buy a few house supplies and then went to ‘On The Border’ for dinner. As always, I was expecting Ruchi to munch on a couple of chips and then eat a tortilla, because that is what she usually does. Praveen and I were in for a very big surprise. When the chips arrived, she ate one chip and then decided she wanted to try the salsa. It was a little spicy, so I told her that it is hot and she will not like it. She insisted on having it, so I gave it to her, thinking that she will quit after the first lick. As expected she took the first bite, and said it was hot and asked for her water. After taking a sip, she asked for the salsa again. I put the cup of salsa in front of her, and she spent the rest of the time eating the salsa, by using her chip as a spoon, i.e. until our main course arrived. I ordered spinach and mushroom Quesadilla. Ruchi saw my pate and asked for a bite. I let her have a bite and asked her if she wanted more, and before we knew it she had two whole slices of the Quesadilla. This is the first time she ate so well in a restaurant.


Finally Moving into our House

Finally the day to move into our house has arrived. It was great being back among our familiar household items. Ruchi, was very excited to see her crib, toys and books. She went form room to room, checking out all the items. She spent most of her time sitting on her crib and flipping through some of her favorite books. Though we were very happy to finally get into a house, we were a little disappointed with our house owner, who did not bother to get the house cleaned professionally. The carpets were shampooed, and appliances were cleaned, but the rest was not really taken care off. She told us, that she would have someone come over to clean the tiles, but she did not agree to have the bathrooms cleaned. It was a little disappointing, but I am sure we can handle it. We went back to the apartment to sleep. Since Ruchi was asking for Naan for a while we went to Athidi, an Indian restaurant for dinner. Unfortunately she did not eat as much naan as we expected her too. The boiled egg in the biryani, caused the first distraction, and when she was done with the egg, she wanted to taste the gravy of chicken tikka. Obviously one lick wasn’t enough for her, she spent the rest of the evening licking the gravy. Its funny how just a few days ago I couldn’t get her to eat the gravy of any curry, or even chutneys, but now it looks like that is the only thing she wants to eat.


Wearing Nail Polish

Like all kids, Ruchi too loves anything that grown-ups wear, but her absolute favorite is Nail Polish. She always asks me for it and I tell her there isn’t any at home. Today she saw me painting my nails and begged me to paint her nails too. It was so cute the way she was asking me, that I ended up painting her toe nails. She was so happy that she spent the entire day admiring her nails. We could hear only three lines from her mouth the entire day, and they were, Papa has nail polish, Amma has nail polish, daddy has no nail polish. She even woke up a couple of times during her nap and at night just to say that and then went back to sleep. It is so heart warming to see how such simple acts give them such immense pleasure.


Christmas in the Park, in Daylight

Ruchi had such a wonderful time at the San Jose Christmas in the Park on Christmas Eve, that we decided to take her there again today in the afternoon. That way she can enjoy the displays and the rides, without having to worry about the cold. The displays were great, but the trees were not as impressive as they were at night. When it was time for the rides, we decided it was better to buy the unlimited rides tickets. Though it was her nap time, Ruchi had a great time going on all the rides. Her nap finally caught up with her on the last ride which was a small roller-coaster. She decided she had enough and was ready to go home to sleep. It worked out great because just then it started drizzling and we made it just in time to the car.


Missing Our Christmas Tree

Today we really missed not being in a place of our own. I had bought a six and a half foot artificial christmas tree when I was pregnant, three years ago. I thought it would be a wonderful thing to have when the baby arrived. The only time we were able to put it up, was when we were in Ashburn and Ruchi was four months old. Last year we had just moved to Seattle, and we did not have enough room in the house to put up the tree, and this year we are stuck in a corporate apartment. I feel sad whenever I see how excited Ruchi gets, when we see a christmas tree. She even thinks that the gifts placed under the tree in the displays are for her. I think we should put our christmas tree, when we move into our house next week, so Ruchi can enjoy her own christmas tree for a few weeks. Better late than never.


Christmas in the Park, at Night

Today we decided to check out the San Jose, Christmas in the Park. We told Ruchi that Siddharth would be there and she was very excited. As soon as we got out the car, she kept asking for him, and was very happy when we finally met them. She had a great time checking out the displays and the christmas trees. Later the kids wanted to go on the rides that were set up in the park. There were plenty of rides for kids of all age groups. They all were from Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch. We were very impressed by the variety of rides for kids of Ruchi’s age. Praveen went on the rides with her. She loved them all, but the teacup ride was her favorite. She rode on it two times, and could not stop talking about it, even after we got home. Siddharth too enjoyed the rides, his favorite was the car ride. Since it was getting too cold and late, we decided to go home, but the kids were so excited that the cold did not seem to bother them. After the rides, they had a great time running up and down a small slope in the park. Later we picked up some Naan and chicken at Shalimar. Ruchi loves Shalimar naan.


Queen of Over-action

Ruchi can be crowned the queen of over-action. Now that she knows what expressions are used for what emotions, she doesn’t hesitate to use them. When she thinks something is funny, she puts her hand on her mouth and laughs, when she is angry, she clenches her fists and teeth, when she is mischievous she laughs ha-ha-ha, when she is shy she hides her face and the winner of all these antics is when she is scared (or rather acts). When she sees a pictures f an animal or hears a loud sound, she says ‘Ammo, papa scared’ and hides her faces. This is something she does very often. Today while playing the alphabet game on her iphone, she said ammo I’m scared and hid her face in my lap, every time an animal popped up, even when it was a duck and a cow. And when we ask her if she is really scared of a duck, she laughs her usual silly laugh.


Telling The Time

As you might all know by now, Ruchi loves her watch. She loves it so much that she never forgets to wear it even for a single day. For the past few days she even started telling time ( though it is never the right time). Every few hours, she looks at her watch and says Amma it’s 10:40 or Amma it’s 3:40. For some reason she loves the 40. So every time she tells the time she changes the hour, but the minutes are always 40 i.e. Unless we prompt her by telling her the exact time. But if someone asks her for the time then the most common answer is 10:40. That seems to be her favorite time of the day, at least to say it.