Taking Turns

Today Praveen’s cousin Shekhar and his family cam over for dinner. Ruchi was happy to have a playmate to play with, but she was not too happy to share her rocking horse with her cousin Varsha. Varsha, kept insisting it was her turn to rock, but Ruchi did not want to get off. We had to forcibly remove Ruchi, so Varsha could ride. After minute Varsha would get off, and tell Ruchi it was her turn. As painful as it was for Ruchi to let go off the horse, every time it was Varsha’s turn, by the end of the day, she figured out what taking turns means. Even after Varsha left, she would play with her toys for a while and then give it to us and say that its our turn now.


The First Perfect Jump

Thanks to her gymnastics class, Ruchi realized that she has to learn how to jump. So today, at home she stood on the rug in the living room, and started practicing how to jump. She would bend her knees and jump on the count of three. After a lot of trials, she finally did a perfect jump, by lifting both her feet off the ground at the same time. I have been waiting for her to jump for a long time. She has always been afraid to lift both her feet at the same time, but she has finally done it.


Thats Much Better

The one thing that Ruchi learnt from her recent cold, is when she is feeling better and when she is not. When her nose is running, she comes to us with a tissue and asks us to clean it for her, once we are done she says ‘Thats much better amma’. But she does not limit the phrase to just nose cleaning, she now uses it for pretty much everything, like when applying cream, cleaning her mouth after eating, wiping her dry after a bath, etc. It is really very cute the way she says, that it is much better now. Amazing how they pick up such little things and use them in day-to-day activities.


Ruchi’s First Gymnastics Class

We’ve been thinking of enrolling Ruchi in a gymnastics program for a while. Since there is a very nice gymnastics school nearby, we decided to give it a try. I took Ruchi for her very first class today. She was so excited to be there, that she couldn’t wait for the class to start. I shouldn’t have gone early, because it was very hard trying to keep Ruchi off the floor, until the class started. It was fun class, and Ruchi had a great time, though she was more into discovering things on her, then actual following the instructions from the gym instructor. At first I was very embarrassed at the way Ruchi was taking off on her own, while the other kids were dutifully following the instructor. I later found out that the other kids have been in the gym for half a year and are now used to it. And another comforting fact I learnt later was that Ruchi is the youngest in her class (all the other kids are almost three years old). She loved it so much, that I enrolled her for three classes a week. I hope she learns the routine soon, because being taller than most of her classmates, it just looks like a three year old goofing off, instead of a two year old still figuring out how to follow instructions.


First Visit To The Doctor in CA

Finally we found a doctor, close to home for Ruchi. Today was our first appointment. Since she has a fever and cold she could not get her booster shot for H1N1. But the main reason for our visit was for her Eczema, which has gotten worse since we arrived in CA and it is bothering her very much, especially at night. The doctor told us to use a cream. I have to see if the condition gets better in a few days. As for Ruchi, she was very cranky throughout the entire visit. The fact that it was her nap time did not help either. I am glad now we have a doctor we can consult whenever she is unwell.


Using Telugu Book Knowledge in Everyday Conversation

Ruchi who has been learning Telugu letters and words did not waste any time to put the words to use in her everyday conversations. Most of the words were common words which did not sound odd when she said it, like ‘Udutha’ for squirrel or ‘Jeda’ for plait/braid. But the one thing that gave me a kick was when she said ‘Amma no Aushadhamu’ when I was giving her some Tylennol for her fever. I know for a fact that I never used that word to describe medicine, and I quite sure neither did Praveen. It is so cute and at the same time so outlandish to hear her use perfect textbook words to describe things.


Down with a Viral Fever

Today Ruchi woke up with a viral fever. Her body was very warm in the early hours. The temperature came down after we gave her some Tylenol. Siddhu had a running nose when he came over on Saturday, and she caught the sniffles from him. We found out later that even Siddhu was down with a fever. Surprisingly unlike the other times when Ruchi had a fever, Ruchi was still active inspite of the temperature. She played with her toys, talked and joked as usual. Even her appetite was fine. I had to cancel her gym class appointment for today. We were really looking forward to enrolling in the gym class and now we may have to wait till Thursday. I hope she gets well soon.


The Perfect Bubble Maker

Like any kid her age, Ruchi is crazy about bubbles, and like any parent with a kid who loves bubbles, we have been on a quest for the perfect bubble blowing device, so Ruchi can get the maximum fun out of the bubbles. The standard bubble solution accessories, make few bubbles every time we blow, and those bubbles do not stay for long. Ever since I saw the Gymboree bubble ooddles in our Issaquah playgroup, I’ve been looking to buy one for Ruchi. The gymboree ooddles solution makes long-lasting bubbles (some of them last even a couple of days) and one blow makes upto fifty small bubbles. Finally I found it in a Gymboree store today. Ruchi and I couldn’t wait to go home to play. Since it was dark, we had to play in the bathroom, but with so many bubbles, it didn’t matter where we played.


Game Night

Today Siddhu and his parents came over for dinner. Ruchi was excited all day awaiting Siddhu’s arrival. When he came, she couldn’t wait to show him her latest collection, her car toys. They had a great time playing together, and when it was time to sleep, they snuggled together in the hall, and watched lion king together while we played a game of poker. It ended up being a nice relaxed and fun evening for all of us.


Cars Mania

I am not sure, exactly when or how Ruchi’s taste in movies took a whole 180 degree turn. Now its no more cinderella, tinker bell or barbie, all she wants to do is eat and sleep Cars. She loves the movie cars. In fact she knows each and every character in the movie. She is so much in love with cars, that we took her to Toys r Us to pickup a few car movie toys. While we were still browsing the shelves, Ruchi started picking the toys in the basket. Needless to say, she was very excited when we got home and unpacked the toys for her. She even took Mcqueen and Mater to bed. Her passion for Cars reminds us of Abhi (Ruchi’s cousin) who went through that phase when he was Ruchi’s age. Wish we were in Bangalore, she would have a blast, going through Abhi’s collection.