Spending Every Waking Moment in Her New Slumber Sofa

On our recent trip to Toys-r-us the train set wasn’t the only thing that I ended up buying for Ruchi. She has been asking us for the Cars slumber sofa for a while, so finally I ended up buying it for her in the last trip. We did not realize how much she wanted it, until we set it up for her in the house. Now she spends her every waking minute in it. She literally reads, plays, eats, drinks, and even naps in the slumber sofa. Right now she is wearing the cars watch her dad bought her in Miami, holding her McQueen and King cars in each hand, snuggled up in her sofa watching her favorite movie, Cars. Wonder how long this Cars mania will continue.


A Relaxing Morning Walk on Shoreline Blvd

Since the weather was great, we decided to go for a short morning walk on Shoreline Blvd in Mountainview. We parked our car facing the waterfront, where there was a whole flock of baby geese on the grass. As soon as we got off the car, Ruchi ran on the grass to play with the geese. We did not realize until we were in the grass, that there was as much geese poop as there was grass in that green patch, just a few steps and the soles of our shoes were awful. But watching Ruchi have so much fun chasing the geese, it was impossible to get off the grass, how ever gross it might be. Oh the things we do for our kids. After she played to her hearts content, we got off the grass and tried to clean our shoes in the fresh mulch nearby. The walking trails were beautiful and Ruchi had fun running and chasing the big geese we encountered on our way. Today was the first time she got a chance to sit on a canoe and a kayak, though we did not get a chance to go into the water. There was a couple who had just finished kayaking and were about to load it back on their vehicle, when they saw Ruchi’s excitement on seeing the canoe, that they invited her to sit in it and explore.


First Birthday Party In Bayarea

Today Ruchi attended her first birthday party in bayarea, which also ended up being her first time in Chuck-e-cheese. It was Swaroop and Madhuri’s son Likhit’s sixth birthday party. It was wonderful meeting them after all these years and the party was great. Ruchi was excited all day, that she will be seeing Siddhu in the evening and it goes without saying, they had a blast at the party. Ruchi couldn’t get enough of all the things she could do in the play area. Though our count of winning tickets was very low, I can confidently say that Ruchi had a great time. Ruchi and Siddhu’s energy levels were still very high when it was time to leave. Ruchi was very excited about her goody bag which had a kitchen set. As soon as we got home, she set out the pans and made pretend dosa for her dad and me.

Ruchi Gets Her First Toy Train Set

Today we had to stop at Toys’r’us to pick up a gift for my friends son. While we were there Ruchi started playing with the train track display that was set up on the train table. After she was done, she walked to the shelves and started picking up each box, asking if I could buy it for her. As always I couldn’t say no, so I picked up a Thomas train track set. She was so happy she couldn’t wait to get home to play with it. While playing at home, I realized that this is the first battery operated vehicle that Ruchi owns. She is not very comfortable with the fact that Thomas is moving on his own without any help from her.


Looking Forward to Her Dad

Praveen went to Miami this week to attend a conference. Ruchi and I dropped him off at the airport on Saturday. That day she asked me where daddy went, and I told her. then she asked me when he was coming back and I told her Thursday. So everyday this week, she would ask me what day it was and when she realized today was Thursday, she became very excited, she couldn’t wait to go to the airport to pick him up. I told her that we might have to go to the train station to pick him up, and she kept asking when we would leave. When it was time to go, I wanted to stop by the grocery store first, to pick up some milk and yogurt. Ruchi was so upset that we were not at the station, that she refused to sit in the cart. So instead of shopping, I had to come back home and wait for Praveen to call. It is always a beautiful sight to watch your kids emotion when they meet a parent after a big break. When she saw the gifts he bought her her happiness knew no bounds.


Too Big, Too Heavy, Too High

Nowadays everything seems to be too big and heavy for Ruchi. When we went to the pharmacy a few days ago, I gave her a tub of Aquaphor to hold, she immediately said, ‘Amma its too big’ and gave it back to me. She likes saying it so much, that she says it to pretty much anything in the house, like shampoo bottle is too big, or ball is too big, or bed is too big, etc. When she can’t reach something like some of the switches in the house, or climbing our high bed, she complains that they are too high. Big books, and heavy toys and furniture in the house constitute the too heavy category. It is cute listening to her complaining about all the things around her, with the exception of when she says ‘Amma too big’. Sadly she says that a lot.


New Found Interest in Mr. Potato Head

Ruchi who hasn’t really been playing with Mr. Potato Head for a while, picked it up a couple of days ago, and now that is the only toy she wants to play with. She enjoys building his head, with the various pieces available. If I help her with anything, she will remove the piece, put the one she wants to put on and then declare ‘Thats much better’.


Trampoline and Bathroom Break

I have no idea why, but in her gymnastics class, every time Ruchi gets on trampoline and starts jumping, she gets the urge to pee. For the past ten days not a single class went by when she did not ask to use the potty, after she was done jumping. Though she wears a diaper to class, ever since she was potty trained, she does not want to go in her diaper. Its hard because it is not easy, setting her on the grown-up potty, thank goodness for the toilet liners. What I don’t understand is when a facility has so many young children coming why can’t they have a kids potty ring available (actually same goes for every facility gym, school, restaurants, etc.) All they have to do is buy a $10 potty ring and put it in the bathroom, for parents to use when needed.


Noticing the Color of Eyes

Everyday Ruchi does something that is new. And today it was the color of eyes. She looked into my eyes and suddenly said, ‘Amma has black eyes’. Then she asked me what color her eyes were, and I told her they were black. Then she went around the house looking at her toys and dolls eyes and started telling what color their eyes were. She was very happy to see that even her beloved Mcqueen had eyes.


An ‘A’ for Politeness

We have been trying to teach good manners to Ruchi for a while, but I never thought she would turn out to be so polite. Every time we give her something, she never fails to say ‘Thank You’, and when say ‘Thank you’, she always says ‘You are welcome’. And the polite behavior does not end there, every time she thinks she hurt us she immediately apologizes with a ‘Sorry’. Its so funny because even when we are playing peek-a-boo or monster, whenever we pretend to be scared or surprised by her actions, she immediately apologizes to us for scaring us. I just hope these manners stick to her for life.