Walking on Balance Beams

Finally after holding her hand all these weeks, Ruchi summed up courage to walk on the balance beam on her. Though it was not a perfect walk it was great for a second try and for her age. It is all thanks to her Coach Teressa who forced her to do it on her own last Friday. She was so excited after she was done, that she spent the rest of the day reminding me that she did it all on her own.


Scared of Spiders

If there is one thing Ruchi is scared of, then it is spiders. She saw a tiny spider in our house a few weeks ago. That was enough to convince her that spiders are real. So now when we mention spiders she is so scared that she does what she is told. It works great for me because I tell her that if she doesn’t brush her teeth then spiders will start living in her mouth, she is so scared that she immediately opens her mouth. Finally brushing her teeth isn’t a struggle any more. The sad part though she is even scared of the toy spiders. On Friday they had a big black spider set up on one of the bars as part of Easter decorations. Ruchi was so scared she refused to do the bars routine.


Her Favorite Meal is Stir Fried Veggies

A few days ago I made Ruchi stir fried rice for lunch. She loved it so much that she wants to have only that for lunch and dinner. Now I have to make different versions of fried rice for atleast one meal. As long as it has egg and corn in it she eats it. I am just happy she is getting her daily egg and some veggies every day. She calls it ‘Noodle Annam’ which means noodle rice. I guess because she noticed similar vegetables in our stir fried noodles she thinks this is also a type of noodle.


Accompanying Mummy To The Gym

I finally found a place that allows mothers to bring kids to the gym. All thanks to my friend Madhuri, who happened to mention it in our conversation yesterday. Since that was exactly what I was looking for, I decided to give it a try. Since it was during the day, there were more elderly women working out. While I was working out, the women tried to talk to Ruchi, but since it was all new to her, she just came running to me, and stood close to me. Thanks to ‘The Lion King’ movie on her IPhone, I managed to get my workout done while she watched her movie. I know it will be a while before she gets comfortable, but this will definitely work for the two of us. I can’t wait to get into the schedule full-fledged.


Playdate With Viraj and Sanvi

Finally Vasavi, Madhuri and I managed to meet for a play date with the kids. We decided to meet at the Steven’s Creek Mall Kids Playarea. It was the perfect place where the kids play on their own, while we grown-ups relaxed in the seats bordering the play area. It was nice to just sit and talk, and not worry about running after the kids. Each one found their favorite place to play. Ruchi opted for a red car. She sincerely believed it was Lightning McQueen. She refused to get off the car. If other kids came near the car, she would just direct them to the other cars near by. I had to have a talk with her, to make her understand it was not her car and that she has to share. Thankfully I did not have too many issues after that. Viraj opted for the slide, while Sanvi just enjoyed going from one prop to the other. When it was time to leave, all of them refused to go home, especially Viraj who kept going back to the play area.


Finally A Disney Classic is the Favorite

After a variety of movies, it is now the turn of a Disney classic to top Ruchi’s favorite movies. Being a girl, I guess it was bound to happen eventually, but the surprising part was instead of going for the cult favorite, Cinderella, Ruchi decided she like Beauty and the Beast more. In a way I was very happy because growing up, though I liked Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast was my favorite too. Ruchi loves the story so much, that at reading time she wants to read Beauty and the Beast first, followed by last week’s favorite The Wild. The same goes for watching videos, unless of course if we are in the minivan, and then its time for her all-time favorite Cars. I am really surprised that she is not asking to watch cars at home any more. Even during reading time, Cars is ranked third in her priority list now. Well will have to see which of the three will last the longest on her list.


Enjoying Our New Honda Odyssey

Nothing beats a cool minivan, especially when you have kids. Ruchi loves it as much as I do. We drive it to her gym class everyday. Ruchi loves the fact that she can watch her Cars movie in the minivan if she wants to. She also loves the fact that it is so spacious. Normally when we go to the gym class, Ruchi is hesitant to leave when we are done. But for the past couple of days, she is very excited to leave as soon as we are done, only to go back and sit in the minivan. If we accidentally refer to it as a car, she immediately jumps in and corrects us, by saying, its not a car its a minivan.


Considerable Improvement at The Gym

After nearly six weeks at the gym, I can confidentally say that some of Ruchi’s gymnastics skills have improved considerably. Not only can she hold on to the bar and lift her legs up straight front, she can also do perfect forward rolls, jump forward and across, jump on trampoline, walk through a pit filled with foam blocks, climb a net (with a little help from me), climb / walk across a ladder, climb up a slide, bear-walk on anything and hang onto suspended rings. She still needs help in other tasks as walking up the wall with her hands on the floor, backwards roll and cartwheels, but I am sure she will get them with a little more practice. Its wonderful to watch her do some of the routines all on her own.


Ruchi Attends Another Birthday Party

Today is the first birthday of Aarav, Anand’s son. Anand is Praveen’s cousin’s wife Shanti’s brother. Ruchi and I were meeting them for the first time. It was nice meeting Shanti’s parents, brother and sister. We had a good time talking and getting to know everyone, but Ruchi had the best time, running around the party hall. They hired a balloon man, who made different shapes with the balloon. Ruchi being one of the youngest kids, had to stand patiently for a balloon. Finally she got herself an octopus. She ran around with the octopus, trying to play with the other kids. Sadly the other kids were mostly grown up boys, and they were playing by hitting each other with balloons and running away. Whenever Ruchi went up to them and hit them with the balloon hoping to be chased, they would just look at her and then seeing that she is a kid, ignore her. After trying several time, she gave up and entertained herself by climbing up and down the ramp to the platform set up in the room for the cake.


Hurray! We Now Have a Minivan

After trying to juggle the Acura between the two of us for the past few months, we decided it was about time we bought ourselves a new car. After a lot of consideration we realized, that a minivan would best serve our purpose for the future. So we went to Honda dealership today to check out their Minivans. After checking out the minivans and talking to the agent we decided that leasing would be a much better option for us. After spending nearly six hours in showroom we walked out signing the papers for a new Honda Odyssey. For the entire time that we were inside, Ruchi insisted we buy a red Honda Civic, that was in the showroom for display. But when we went to check out the minivan, she was very happy to see how spacious it was. We still can’t believe that we actually took the minivan. Atleast now we don’t have to cancel our plans for conflicting schedules during the week.