Eating Homemade Pasta

Today Ruchi asked me to make her some noodles. Since I make noodles for her all the time, I decided to make some pasta for a change. I know she likes pasta, and since I had Prego sauce, it wasn’t going to be very difficult. After waiting patiently for twenty minutes, her pasta was ready. She was so happy she sat down and attacked it immediately. It was obvious she loved it because she cleaned up her bowl. My happiness of watching her relish the pasta was short-lived, because pretty soon she broke out in rashes. Just yesterday I was so happy when I took her to the doctor and we discussed how her eczema finally showed signs of improvement. Now it was back to square one. I really should control myself and stop giving her processed foods.

Saving The Planet

Everyone one of us living on this planet has a responsibility to take care of it, and Ruchi is no exception. So as her contribution we are planting flowers. It all started out when she was given a small pot with a soil pellet and some seeds in her goody bag on her Kids2Work day at school. To add to that, she picked up some soil pellets, flower pots and seeds when we were at the store earlier this week. Today the weather was perfect to plant the seeds. So we sat in the backyard and got to work. She became very excited watching the pellets fill up the pots when we added water. Then we put in the marigold seeds in each pot and she finished it off by putting some more water in each pot. She was so excited for the rest of the day that she wanted to water the pots again. I had to explain to her that we should do it only once a day.

Love For Frozen Yogurt

Thanks to Shyamala for introducing us to frozen yogurt, Ruchi can’t seem to get enough of it. Once when we were at the mall with Siddhu and Shyamala, she took us to Orange Tree, a frozen yogurt shop. It was pretty cool, because you just fill your cup with whatever flavors and toppings you want and pay by the weight. I chose mango, pineapple and chocolate. I wasn’t sure if Ruchi would like it, because she is not a big fan of sweets. She occasionally eats ice-cream, but only a few spoons. So I was very surprised when she ate up all the chocolate ice-cream in my cup, (she did not like the mango and pineapple). From that day onwards, every time we go to the mall we have to stop at the yogurt shop. Sometimes while we are driving back from the gym she asks. “Amma, lets go to the mall and eat ice-cream”. Today we went to Stevens creek mall with Madhuri lucky for Ruchi, the children play area was just next to the frozen yogurt store. We had to stop there before heading home. Now she is such an expert at eating that she doesn’t need my help to feed her any more.

Go Away

Well my little one is not an angel anymore. Now her favorite phrase is “Go away”. If we are climbing up, she says “Upstairs is mine. Amma, go away”. And when I ask her where I should go, she replies, “Go away, downstairs”. If we are in the car, and she doesn’t want to get out she say, “I don’t want to get down, Amma, go away home”. Its the same, if she wants to stay in a particular room. Basically she doesn’t want to share her favorite space with anyone. Wonder how long this phase will last. Thankfully though, she doesn’t throw a tantrum, even if we ignore her and go in. She ask us to go away a couple more time and then, gets distracted when we pick up her favorite book or toy.

“Should I Get The Ladder”

As you might know, I’ve been trying to get Ruchi to behave by telling her that a monster will get her if she doesn’t do as I say. There is a small trap door in our loft, that leads to the roof. I tell Ruchi that the monsters are behind that door and she believes it. Until recently, every time I told her that I am going to open that door and put her in, she would obediently do whatever she was told. I knew that some day she would figure it out, but I did not think that day would come so soon. Today while she was being her naughty self, I told her I was going to put her in the monster room. She immediately reply, “Amma, should I get the ladder from the kitchen”. Needless to say, I was both shocked and amused at that statement, and I couldn’t stay mad at her any more. Thanks to Monsters, Inc. I think her fear of monsters is almost gone.

Ruchi’s First Pencil Box

Ruchi’s been asking me to buy her a flower box for the past few days. She wanted a pencil box to put her crayons and other stuff in it. So when we went to Target today we looked for a pencil box. Unfortunately the only one they had was a blue box. So we decided to decorate it with some flower stickers. When we got to the stickers stand, Ruchi decided she wanted fish instead of flowers, so fish it was. She couldn’t wait to get home to decorate it, so we ended up decorating it in the car. She loves her new box so much, that she is not letting got of it, the sad part though, she doesn’t want to put anything in it either.

Ruchi and Siddhu Have a Blast

Today we had a pot luck dinner at Kiran’s house. It was a small get-together of Mahesh’s family and us. Ruchi was very excited that she was going to Kiran Uncle’s house for dinner. At Kiran’s place, both Siddharth and Ruchi were in a super excited state. They chased each other all over the house, played with the chess set on the table and finally settled down, when we played ‘Cars’ movie. Since both Shyamala and our coffee tables are glass tops, the kids were excited to see a solid wood table in Roopa’s place. We had a hard time preventing them from climbing the table. It was obvious they had a great time, but sadly they almost trashed Kiran’s living room by throwing down all the pillows from the couches.

First Movie in a Bayarea Theater

Praveen came home early today and since we did not have much to do we decided to go for a movie. It has been almost a year since we last watched a movie in the theater. Since Ruchi did not take a nap in the afternoon, we thought it would be safe to go today, because worst case she would fall asleep. We went to watch the kid friendly movie “How to train your dragon”. The dragons fascinated Ruchi so much, that she sat through the entire movie. I was surprised that she did not ask us to carry her once, or show any signs of wanting to sleep. She did have a few moments, when she was restless, and got out of her seat, to walk around. Overall it was a great experience. Her loud laughs and uh-ohs were proof enough that she enjoyed the movie as much as we did.

Finally Made It To The Santa Clara Library

After picking Ruchi from her Dad’s office, I took her to the library as promised. Thankfully, the pipes had been taken care off, and the library was open. We opened an account and went to the kids book section. Ruchi immediately reached out for a book, sat on the floor and started browsing through it. After going through a handful of books, she found what she wanted, the Disney Cars book. She decided she wanted to take that book home. Seeing me go from shelf to shelf, she felt I needed help picking up a book, so she tried suggesting books to me. Surprisingly I ended up picking four of the books she suggested. Being a books fanatic, she wanted me to read all the books to her immediately. So we sat on a nearby couch and browsed through all the books, before checking them out. Ruchi loved the library so much, that she refused to come home. I had to tell her that if we did not leave, the librarian would take her Cars book and lock it up. She loved her Cars book more so we were able to get out and go home before the traffic got bad. It was definitely a very busy day for her today and she enjoyed every single minute.

Ruchi’s First Kids2Work Day

Today is Kids2Work day, the day when employees are allowed to take kids in their family to work with them. Ruchi was very excited from the moment she woke up. She couldn’t wait to get dressed and go with Daddy to work. When we first asked her if she wanted to go to work with daddy, she replied “I can’t, Ruchi can’t open the gate”. She was talking about the gate, that every employee has to go through to enter the eBay office campus. We explained to her that her dad will be there to open the gate for her. When she realized that she was going to get help to get past those gates, she became very excited. She did not protest, when I brushed her teeth, fed her or gave her a shower. She even chose the dress she wanted to wear for her first day at Dad’s office. It was wonderful seeing her excitement, while they pulled out of the driveway. Praveen said that she had a great time laughing and playing with one of his colleagues son. When I went to pick her up in the afternoon (she couldn’t stay all day, because Praveen had some important meetings he had to attend), she couldn’t contain her excitement. She told me about everything she did that morning.