Time For Some Splashing

The weather has been so great lately that we just had to pull out Ruchi’s inflatable pool from the closet. She was so excited to have her own small pool to splash around in the backyard. Though the water was cold, the hot sun made it comfortable to hang in the pool for a long time. She tried out the pool for the first time on Saturday and kept asking to go back in it ever since. Since we didn’t have anything to do this morning, we could afford to wait till late in the morning to give Ruchi a bath. The sun was so bright that Ruchi asked for her sunglasses. She wore them while I filled her pool, but decided they were not the best accessory in the pool.

A Very Busy Sunday

This is the first time we had back-to-back parties we had to attend. In the morning Madhuri invited some of us over for lunch and in the evening we had to attend Disha, Neeraja’s daughter’s third birthday party. The lunch at Madhuri’s was great. It is always fun hanging with old friends. As for Ruchi, as long as she has Siddhu she is happy. Sadly though Likhit, who is much older than the other kids, was a little bored. We had plans of leaving early so we could rest a while before we head out to the next party. But the time flew by so quickly that we barely had enough time to go home and change before we headed out again. Ruchi had a great time at Disha’s party. Super Franks is a very cool place to have a party. We ran into an old acquaintance from school and college at the party. But I guess when you are in bayarea, that is bound to happen.

Football in Shoreline Boulevard Park

With the ongoing World cup, Soccer was on everyone’s mind. Since the weather was beautiful the guys decided the give the kids a little taste of football. So we took them to Shoreline to play. When we got there we realized that with the exception of Siddhu none of the other kids were really ready to play as a group. Each one wanted their own ball. Ruchi held on to her football, only occasionally sharing it with Mahesh, her favorite uncle. The twins fought for an held on to their own ball. While the grown-ups tried to play soccer. But whenever Siddhu got the ball, he ran off with it. I guess he felt waiting for his turn among the grown-ups wasn’t really fun. Later the boys went riding on their bikes. This was when Ruchi felt very lost. She did not have a bike of her own and she felt a little left out. The boys did share their bike with her later, but since she could ride on her own, Praveen had a hard time pushing her around. Later the kids were much happier playing in the sand pit. There was enough sand for everyone so they did not have to fight for anything.

Back To The Library for Storytime

After a short summer break, the library was open again for preschool story-time. Ruchi of course was very excited. She woke up early so we could go through our usual morning routine and still make it in time for the story hour. Her favorite part is the short ten minute movie they play at the end. After story-time that is attended by over a hundred kids, she sped off to the DVD aisle to see if she could find something interesting. She was hoping to find Toy Story III DVD. Since I couldn’t make her understand that the DVD is still not out, I let her explore and was very surprised when she came back with a Buzz Lightyear DVD. I never even knew such a movie existed. It is basically a movie about Buzz and Zurg. She was so happy to have found something new related to the Toy Story series. She was jumping and skipping all the way to the car.

Teaching Woody the States in the US

Now that Woody is her new companion, Ruchi thinks that it is her responsibility to educate him. So she started off today by teaching him the states on the US map. Halfway through the class, she saw noticed a small island in the pacific ocean near Baja California, and the geography class ended up becoming a story-telling class, with Ruchi rescuing some imaginary people on a wrecked ship, lost at sea.

Toy Story III is Awesome

After last night’s last minute change in plans, we were finally able to make it to the movie today. Praveen came home just in time to catch the seven o’clock show. Ruchi was very excited that we were finally going to the theater to watch one of her favorite movies. She patiently waited through the thirty minutes commercials and previews. When it was finally time she clapped and shouted hurray. She enjoyed the popcorn as much as the movie itself. Like the previous Toy Story movies, this movie was sweet and wonderful. I always wondered what the ending might be, and they had a perfect ending. Ruchi loved the movie so much that she came home and asked us to play the movie on TV. When I played Toy Story I and Toy Story II, she refused to watch. It took a while to make her understand that it will be a while before she can watch that movie at home. Luckily she wasn’t upset for long. She picked up her Buzz and Woody, went upstairs and admired the new movie poster she got at Toys-r-Us for spending a small fortune on some Toy Story toys.

I Am Unbreakable – Declares Ruchi

Whenever Ruchi climbs a high surface like a table or chair, I explain to her that she shouldn’t do it, because it is dangerous and she could hurt herself and worse break a bone. Due to those warnings she is always very cautious. As luck should have it, she fell of the chair, today and landed softly of the rug below. I rushed to her and asked her if she was okay. She replied, “Yes Amma, I am fine. I did not break”. And from then on whenever I asked her not to climb on things or jump from a height she says, “Its okay Amma, Ruchi won’t break”.

Ruchi Gets a Buzz Lightyear

Oh No! Ruchi has switched favorites, from Cars to Toy Story. Every time we go to Toys’r’us to pick up gifts for friends of Ruchi for their upcoming birthdays, she has a bad habit of picking a toy for herself too. She always goes to the Disney Cars section and picks up a toy that is not in her collection, that is until today. Disney cars cost around $4 with some bigger toys costing no more than $15. Sadly that is not the case with the Toy Story toys. Each one is so expensive. Since she already has Woody, she picked up Buzz Light year. She wanted the one that is the exact size as the one in the movie and talks and lights up. When I asked he if she would like to have the smaller one, she refused. I have to agree that Buzz is cool, but spending that much on a toy is just a little painful, especially if she insists on having all the characters for her collection.

Excited About Father’s Day Cake

Ruchi is at a stage where she knows the importance of a cake. When I started to bake the cake in the afternoon, she asked for whom I was baking the cake. When I told her it was for her dad, she became very excited. She started signing Happy birthday for her Dad. I told her it was not his birthday, it was Father’s day, she really didn’t care. She just walked around the house all day singing Happy Birthday. She was even more excited when I let her help me with the frosting. Now that she had helped, she couldn’t wait for her dad to come. She stayed up till 11:30 for her dad. When it was finally time, she was very excited and wanted a candle for the cake. So we indulged her and she started singing the full happy birthday song to her dad, after which she blew the candle out. She didn’t waste a minute to cut the cake, but since it was too sweet for her taste she just had one bite. Now that she knows exactly what is happening it is much more fun celebrating special occasions in the house.

Ruchi Enjoys Barbecue Chicken

Today we went to Kishore, Ramesh’s brother’s house for dinner. We wanted to invite Ramesh’s parents for dinner, but since they were leaving in a few days, Kishore decided to have a party at his place and invite everyone one last time to spend time with his parents. Ruchi had a great time at their place. She was fascinated by the huge artificial coconut tree in their living room. She kept saying, that the tree was too high for her to reach. She even wanted to ask JVS for a ladder. I was even surprised at how much she enjoyed the BBQ chicken. She had a great time playing with the kids their, especially Ramesh’s son Krishi who kept her entertained all night long.