Building Castles With Playmats

I am not sure if I should feel proud of her creativity or worry about the extra mess she is making, But of lately Ruchi has taken to building houses and castles (that is what she calls them) with her play mats. She even builds different rooms for her toys. Though they look great, and she has a great time playing, our entire living area looks a mess all day long. By the looks of it, she is not going to outgrow this new love for building her own play area any time soon.

Third Year Appointment

Today was Ruchi’s third year appointment. The appointment went on smoothly with Ruchi answering all questions. Turns out at 38 inches Ruchi is in the 50th percentile in height and with 29lbs in the 35th percentile for weight. It would have been a perfect day, if not for the one small hiccup that made my heart skip a beat. After the checkup the doctor said that everything looks great and if I had any concerns, to which I told her that of lately Ruchi has been waking up at night and coughing. Though the cough lasts only a few minutes, it is intense and she needs to drink water to help her feel better. Since Ruchi has eczema, the doctor said that though her lungs are fine, Ruchi might have asthma and the only way to find out is to use the medication for a week and see how she feels. I have to admit that though the news shocked me at first, I decided to ignore it, since I was not ready to accept that Ruchi has asthma. According to me asthma means she should be fatigued and have shortness of breath. Its about time I did some research to find out more about asthma, before I even think of trying the medication. I wasn’t very happy that the doctor did not perform any tests. I felt that she just said that because of the emergency asthma attack case going on next door. Inspite of all these reassurances I couldn’t help thinking about the fact that Praveen’s family has a history of asthma.

Fun at Saanvi’s Birthday Party

At Ruchi’s age, if their birthday is fun, they know that their friend’s birthday party is double the fun. They can have all the fun they would have at their own party, without the additional responsibilities of photo sessions and cutting the cake, while all dressed up in a dress that may not be the most comfortable attire for playing. And that is exactly what happened. Saanvi’s party was in Little Gym. It is a nice little gym and we had it all to ourselves for the entire party. Since most of the props were similar to the props in Ruchi’s gymnastics class, she had a blast. After a solid hour of playing she was so hungry, she finished her entire serving of juice and asked for some bread to eat. It was wonderful watching her sitting with the rest of the kids and eating. When she had her full, she went back to playing with the kids.

Happy Third Birthday!!

Wow Ruchi is three years old!! All of a sudden my baby looks like a big girl. For the past few weeks everywhere I went people have been telling me that she has grown taller. I couldn’t see it till today. In her traditional outfits, she did look a lot taller and older too. When I think about how much she has grown since her last birthday, I feel very proud of all her achievements, but am a little saddened that she is growing up so fast. Today is one of the best birthday parties Ruchi ever had. It is that perfect age to have a party in a fun place, so we chose Super Franks. We liked Super Franks because it had all the activities for the kids in the party hall, so we did not have to worry about running after them. Ruchi had a blast. She couldn’t get enough of it. She knew it was her birthday, and knew that we were going to let her play as much as she wanted. And she did exactly that. All she did was spare ten minutes for the cake, and then she was gone again. The highlight of the party was the wonderful Guava cake we ordered from Aki’s Bakery. Ruchi wanted a dinosaur cake and it was beautiful.