First Princess Party

Thanks to Pranathi who was celebrating her fourth birthday, Ruchi attended her first Princess themed party at Super Franks, today. It is definitely one of the best parties Ruchi has ever been to. The fact that the host for this party was the same girl who hosted Ruchi’s party, helped Ruchi be at ease from the very beginning. She was so excited to dress up as one of her favorite Disney character, Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She loved her costume so much that she couldn’t stop admiring herself in the mirror. The funniest thing was when she started looking all over asking for the Beast. At the princess fashion show, when asked if she could wish for one thing in the whole wide world, her answer was to see the Beast. Its a perfect party for 3+ girls. All the girls loved their outfits. When it was time to undress, Ruchi asked if she could dress up as Princess Aurora or Cinderella.

In the Spirit of Halloween

So what if we are not going to be here for Halloween? Ruchi has decided that she was not going to let the fact that she may not be in town, discourage her from getting a costume. Today while we were shopping for her cousins, Ruchi picked up a witch’s hat, put it on her head and walked through the entire store with the hat on her head. She looked so cute in it, that I just had to buy it for her. I was feeling sad that she may not have a costume this year, but now it looks like she might have a costume after all. She loves her new hat so much that she is wearing it all the time. I am really surprised at how excited she is about Halloween. Now I have to look for a black outfit to match her hat, and maybe even have a small pre-Halloween celebration before we leave.

Undisturbed Sleep After a Very Long Time

Finally our fears that Ruchi might have asthma are almost confirmed. As per the doctors orders we administered the first dose of the medication to Ruchi last night. As much as we were keeping our fingers crossed for the result to be negative, we couldn’t help feeling a little happy that Ruchi finally got the sleep she deserved. After being up a couple of times every night with dry cough for the past few weeks, she was finally able to sleep through the night, with no cough or itching. It felt great to watch her sleep till eight in the morning. Its such a strange feeling, while on one hand we are glad that finally we can provide her with some relief to her cough, on the other hand it pains us to think that she may have to learn to live with the condition for life. Suddenly a week feels like a very long time to wait to see if she continues to show signs of relief with the medication.

Hurray for Monsters, Witches and Ghosts

Thanks to the upcoming holiday Halloween, Ruchi is having a ball checking out displays everywhere. She can’t seem to get enough of all the witches, monsters and ghosts, displayed in all the windows. I feel sad that just when she fully realized what Halloween is all about, we will not be here to celebrate it. Her mind is so much into Halloween that the only shows she wants to watch are Halloween related, and her favorite being “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. When I ask her why does she want to watch such scary things, she replies, “its ok Amma, I am not scared of ghosts and monsters”.


Today while Ruchi was doing her gymnastics, she started coughing, so I took her to get some water. While feeding her water, a parent of another kid, told me that she gets the same cough when she has asthma. This was the first time I heard someone talk about cough being their asthma symptom instead of breathlessness. I also realized that Ruchi has been coughing in her gymnastics class for nearly a month now. I just thought she was having a dry-throat due to all the exercise. I started talking to the lady about her asthma and realized for the first time that Ruchi might indeed have asthma. The lady has the exact same symptoms as Ruchi. And she has been having this form of asthma for a few years now. After talking to my sister and Praveen’s cousin for a second opinion, I realized that with Ruchi’s symptoms and the fact that my mother-in-law had asthma makes the probability of Ruchi having asthma very likely. I better pick-up her medication tomorrow and start using it. If she does have asthma, I want to be prepared before I take off to India.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Finally Praveen was able to take a day off from work. When we asked Ruchi what she wanted to do, she said she wanted to go see fish in the aquarium. So we decided to take her to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. She kept asking if we were going to see Orcas and Humpbacks. She was thinking all aquariums were like Sea World. I had to explain to her that this was a different type of aquarium and that even Sea World was not big enough to house a Humpback whale. She had a great time looking for the types of fishes and sea animals she knew, and asking the names of the ones she did not know. She even tried to touch a sting ray, and had fun tickling a star fish. I can confidently tell now that Ruchi can name more sea-creatures than her Dad and probably even me. To make up for her desire to see Orcas and Humpbacks, the aquarium had large models of the whales in the visitors lounge and also an educational section in one of the sections of the aquarium. Having play ares for kids all over the aquarium was a good idea. Towards the end of our visit, Ruchi had a great time playing with the other kids in the play area. When she saw a big water bed play area, she couldn’t stop herself from doing somersaults.