Monterey Bay Aquarium

Finally Praveen was able to take a day off from work. When we asked Ruchi what she wanted to do, she said she wanted to go see fish in the aquarium. So we decided to take her to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. She kept asking if we were going to see Orcas and Humpbacks. She was thinking all aquariums were like Sea World. I had to explain to her that this was a different type of aquarium and that even Sea World was not big enough to house a Humpback whale. She had a great time looking for the types of fishes and sea animals she knew, and asking the names of the ones she did not know. She even tried to touch a sting ray, and had fun tickling a star fish. I can confidently tell now that Ruchi can name more sea-creatures than her Dad and probably even me. To make up for her desire to see Orcas and Humpbacks, the aquarium had large models of the whales in the visitors lounge and also an educational section in one of the sections of the aquarium. Having play ares for kids all over the aquarium was a good idea. Towards the end of our visit, Ruchi had a great time playing with the other kids in the play area. When she saw a big water bed play area, she couldn’t stop herself from doing somersaults.

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