Today while Ruchi was doing her gymnastics, she started coughing, so I took her to get some water. While feeding her water, a parent of another kid, told me that she gets the same cough when she has asthma. This was the first time I heard someone talk about cough being their asthma symptom instead of breathlessness. I also realized that Ruchi has been coughing in her gymnastics class for nearly a month now. I just thought she was having a dry-throat due to all the exercise. I started talking to the lady about her asthma and realized for the first time that Ruchi might indeed have asthma. The lady has the exact same symptoms as Ruchi. And she has been having this form of asthma for a few years now. After talking to my sister and Praveen’s cousin for a second opinion, I realized that with Ruchi’s symptoms and the fact that my mother-in-law had asthma makes the probability of Ruchi having asthma very likely. I better pick-up her medication tomorrow and start using it. If she does have asthma, I want to be prepared before I take off to India.

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