First Princess Party

Thanks to Pranathi who was celebrating her fourth birthday, Ruchi attended her first Princess themed party at Super Franks, today. It is definitely one of the best parties Ruchi has ever been to. The fact that the host for this party was the same girl who hosted Ruchi’s party, helped Ruchi be at ease from the very beginning. She was so excited to dress up as one of her favorite Disney character, Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She loved her costume so much that she couldn’t stop admiring herself in the mirror. The funniest thing was when she started looking all over asking for the Beast. At the princess fashion show, when asked if she could wish for one thing in the whole wide world, her answer was to see the Beast. Its a perfect party for 3+ girls. All the girls loved their outfits. When it was time to undress, Ruchi asked if she could dress up as Princess Aurora or Cinderella.