Happy Bhogi!

Wish everyone a Very Happy Bhogi. While growing up this was one of our favorite festivals. I can still remember the huge bonfires we had at our grandma’s place, the beautiful Rangolis in the frontyard, Haridas going from home to home singing songs, everyone dressed up in their new clothes and the yummy food we had to eat all day. Hoping to give Ruchi a little taste of this joyous festival, we started of the day by sitting next to a blazing fireplace, followed by the drawing of a Rangoli in our backyard. Ruchi was very excited and proud that she had helped me with the Rangoli, that she couldn’t stop admiring it all day. By now she understood that it was a special day. So she willingly let me give her an oil massage and bath. And of course since she had beautiful new clothes to wear, she was very happy.

Wishing Her Name Started with an “S”

Today while settling some of Ruchi’s books, we came across some alphabet stickers. Ruchi was so excited that she wanted to play with them. So I gave her a paper and asked her to spell her name, which she did dutifully. When she was done, she started playing with the the remaining letters. She suddenly realized that she liked the letter “S” the best in the entire lot. So she put it in front of her name and said, “Look Amma I have an S name”. I explained to her that her name started with an R not an S. But she insisted she wanted an S name. Then I explained to her that my name started with an S, Daddy’s name with a P and her’s with an R. She thought for some time, and then asked if she could have my name, when I asked her why, she replied “because I want an S name”. All this because she happened to like the sticker S. Wonder how many more times she will ask for her name to be changed.

Happy 2011!

Wish Everyone a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Ruchi spent New Years Eve with her friend Siddharth and stayed up till twelve to welcome the New Year. Though she missed her cousins, it was quite obvious that she missed her friend too. She and Siddhu had a blast playing with each other.