Ruchi’s First World Cup Match

What a day! What a Match! Today was the India-Pakistan world cup semi-finals. It is probably the biggest and most watched match in world cup cricket. Needless to say, Praveen and I were all set to watch it from beginning to end. So we set the alarm for 1:45 am, and dragged ourselves out of bed, to go to the living room. India won the toss and elected to bat, which proved to be the right decision. The match started of with some beautiful shots from Sehwag. Saying luck was on India and especially Sachin’s side would be an understatement. Never have I seen a player get so many lives. With four missed catches and two close calls, requiring the third umpires review to declare him safe, he sure was the luckiest guy out there. Though he could not get his 100th century in a ODI today, he still made good use of his wicket and made India proud. Though Yuvraj’s dismissal in the first ball was shocking, the rest of the team pulled together to post a decent score to defend. The best part though was the entire team bowling and fielding so well in the second half. Though they hit a few rough patches at first, they made defending a total of 260 look so easy. Overall it was a wonderful match and now India is in the Finals. Sacrificing a night’s sleep was really worth every minute. And the best part is, we got to enjoy our passion with Ruchi for the first time. She woke up for the later half of Pakistan’s innings, and had a great time cheering with her dad, every time India did well. After it was all over, she kept saying, “Yay, India Won”. Now I can’t wait to go pick her up, so I can come back home and take a nap with her.

Happy Holi

No storm was going to stop us from celebrating Holi this year. Due to some reason or other, we were unable to celebrate Holi with Ruchi before. So this year, we decided we were going to celebrate it any cost. I had explained to Ruchi about Holi ealier this week, so every morning she would wake up and ask if today was the day we were going play with colors. When she found out that the day had finally arrived, she was very excited. After waiting for a couple of hours for the rain to stop, we gave up and decided to enjoy Holi in the rain. When the rain reduced to a drizzle, we stepped out, and needless to say she had a great time. Colors and getting wet in the rain, she couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the afternoon. When were done, she said, “Amma this was fun, lets do a purple Holi next time”. Since we used pink color this year, she named today as Pink Holi.

Cycling at Shoreline Park

When our plans to go to the San Francisco St. Patrick’s Day Parade fell through, we decided to do the next best thing, which was to take Ruchi to Shoreline park to ride her bicycle. She was very excited that finally she was going to ride her bicycle in a proper park. As soon as we got to the park, she couldn’t wait to get on her bike and ride. Sadly her excitement was cut short due to the cold wind. And to make matters worse, she was constantly going into the grass. She hated that she had to stop to steer away, every time she went on the grass. So after almost one round she decided she did not want to ride her bicycle anymore, but instead wanted to go boating. But since the cold wind was already aggravating her condition (a runny nose and cough), we had to convince her it was a bad day for boating. Instead we decided to take her to a movie. Between Mars Needs Moms and Rango, we decided to give Rango a try (due to its 4+ star rating). Ruchi was very excited, but since we were early, her patience started wearing thin, watching the never-ending commercials on the screen. After what felt like eternity, the movie started. All through the movie I kept waiting for something to happen, for it to live up to its four star rating. Sadly the movie was just an average DVD movie. Nothing spectacular. Even Ruchi lost interest, halfway through the film. At first, I thought maybe I was missing something, until I noticed how silent the audience was while watching the movie. There must have been one or two chuckles for the entire duration of the movie. I think the time of day was partly to be blamed for. I always enjoy movies when I watch them in the evening. Watching it at four in the afternoon, wasn’t the best time for either Ruchi or us. At the end of the movie, we vowed never to go watch a movie, that Ruchi did not know much about. It is very hard to get a toddler to watch a movie that he/she is not interested in.

Its Not a Party, If There Is No Cake!

Today Ruchi was very excited for two reasons, one her Dad was coming back from India and two, she was going to her cousin’s house for a party. After her India trip, Ruchi has been very excited about having cousins. So when she realized that she had one living close by, she was very happy. Today Bobby and Mitalee were celebrating Mahika’s Annaprasanam (baby’s first introduction to solid food). Ruchi was very excited that she was going to a party. It was a small, family gathering and Ruchi was the only kid, besides Mahika. She was super excited to witness the ritual, and Mahi’s reaction every time she was fed the rice. After having lunch, and spending a couple of hours, we were preparing to leave, when Ruchi insisted she wanted to stay. I told her that her dad will be home soon, and that the party was over. She immediately replied, “No Amma, they did not cut the cake yet”. When I told her that there was no cake, she replied, “But its a party”.

Celebrating Maha Shivaratri

Shivaratri, which marks the last day of winter in India was one of our favorite festivals growing up. Though we were never really allowed to stay up all night like the rest of the people in the country, it still felt good to just lie in bed talking, watching TV and listening to the celebrations on the street till late into the night. To teach Ruchi about the festival and Lord Shiva, at night before bed, I took out one of her Indian Mythology book and started reading the stories to her. She loved the stories so much, that she begged me for one more story, and this went on until we finished all the stories in the book. It was quite late when she finally fell asleep. She wake up late the next morning, and to my surprise starting telling me all that she had memorized from the stories I read to her the previous night. She started of with “Amma, remember Lord Shiva lives in Mount Kailash with his wife Paravathi and two sons. They are Ganesha and Karthikeya. Shiva wears a snake as a necklace (and then she giggled and said, silly Shiva). Parvathi made Ganesha with paste and mud (she meant sandal paste and clay), but Shiva took of his head and put an elephant head” and kept kept going on narrating bits and pieces from all the stories I read to her. It was so cute listening to her version of the stories. Its been two days, since Shivaratri, and her love for everything Shiva and Ganesha is still going strong. When it comes to Hindu Mythology, I guess tales of Lord Krishna are not her favorite any more.